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A lot of people have been asking about Rylen’s back story which makes me ridiculously happy because he’s an original character! I am still spewing rainbows. Anyway, Rylen used to be a nurse! On the Earth that he (and the other OCs) live, superpowered people are everywhere and it’s a normal thing. “Hero” agencies that try to keep order have become a business industry, but it’s competitive and corporate and mostly ineffectual because they’re all fighting each other. But, not all superhumans are attached to agencies; a lot are employed in organized crime, and the area Rylen worked in was full of these superpowered gang wars.

Which means he wasn’t very happy because he felt he could be doing more to stop it. His job was also not something he chose for himself, so he had some extra stress wondering if he should leave or not when…

…the agency that Kai works for stepped in. Freelance agencies have the same goals as the “hero” ones, yet their methods are not always the most heroic. But they get the most shit done, so everyone tolerates them. Rylen is friends with Evelia, who’s a tech expert and also a recruiter, and she drags him in.

Then he’s partnered with Kai, who basically takes him through extreme boot camp to make sure he’s fast enough to not get killed on missions, and they are a happy team! Rylen is actually one of the few people in his agency who hasn’t performed an assassination; his weapons are mostly there for protection and his role on the team is primarily being a decoy, providing backup, and medical attention when needed.