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Seriously! I’m halfway through Cinder and I know I’m late and I just really started getting into the epic YA series scene this year but AHHHH!!! I’m loving it so far! T.T I love Cinder and Kai and, judging by the amount of fandom art I’ve seen of the other characters in the next books, I’m sure I’ll love them all as well. Ahhhh!!! OTP THOUGH! I OTP CINDER AND KAI SO BADLY I COULD CRY. Not sure if I would…but seriously. Feelings. I’m sorry I’m late. But glad to be here.

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you're cool with the penis
you're cool with the penis

Hurk: You gonna be a gentleman and help me up? C'mon.

[Hurk wraps his arms around Ajay as he sits behind him on the elephant’s back]

Ajay: You know what… That’s… That’s enough.

Hurk: ‘Kay sorry…

Ajay: Yeah, just watch the beard on my neck.

Hurk: Whatever man, this elephant got two buttholes, two taints, and four balls on his back, and you’re complaining about one penis!

Ajay: [Sighs] I wasn’t talking about your penis. I-It’s your beard. It’s itchy. Get it off my neck.

Hurk: Oh, sorry man, no problem. But you’re cool with the penis then?

Ajay: …That too, back it up.

Hurk: All right, man…

Cinder didn’t know when it started, but Kai was crying. His shoulders were slumped forward and his head was resting on her shoulder. His tears were soaking her blouse. Her face contorted with concern, and she wrapped her arms around him tightly. They were talking about something completely normal before, but Cinder knew that it wasn’t the conversation that spiraled him into this frenzy. It was the day.

It was the one year anniversary of Emperor Rikan’s death.

“It’s okay,” She whispered into his ear. “You’re alright. Everything is fine. I’m right here. You’re not alone.” She tried everything to coax him out of his stupor. She kissed him countlessly. She spoke of nothing but sweetness. Kai had never really broken down before. It was always her–having nightmares and such.

Whatever she was doing wasn’t working. Kai sobbed louder, his lips trying to move across her neck while he cried. He was trying to kiss her, but she didn’t know what he was going to accomplish by doing so. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he started, but then another sob overtook him.

It took a while for the cries to lessen. She kept trying to comfort him, but after a while a, silence overtook the scene.

“I’m sorry,” he stated again. His eyes were puffy, his head still on her shoulder. “I was just thinking–you looked so beautiful, Cinder. While we were talking. You reminded me of an Empress.” His voice cracked, “He always told me that when I fell in love, I’d know, because I would start seeing you as an Empress. And I’m–” Tears still fled from his eyes. He shut them like they caused him pain. She was reminded in this light that Kai was an orphan, like her. But he knew his parents before. He had someone to lose when he lost them.

“I just wish he could have met you,” he whispered. Cinder’s eyes widened and she herself felt like crying at his next couple of words. “I just wish he could have met the love of my life. My everything.” His voice turned into nothing more than a breath on her skin, falling limp into the air. “My Empress.”

EXO reaction - you being and artist(...)

Ok so I decided to make one reaction that’s been waiting for days! I’m sorry it took so long :(

Sehun: “How about you draw me?” 

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Kai: *looks at your drawing* “What is that even? A dog? YOUR MOM?! S-sorry.”

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D.O.: “It’s fine. Yeah. Sure. No, I’m not mad. Not at all.”

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Chanyeol: *thinks about ways he can distract you and ends up thinking about dirty things*

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Chen: “Just wait.. I’ll do the same next time you are ‘needy’.”

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Baekhyun: “Aren’t you even gonna rest?”

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Lay: “I think we need to recreate this scene from Titanic… I’m gonna be Rose. And you’re gonna draw me…”

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Suho: “You love your pencil more than me!”

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Xiumin: *tries everything to make you focus on him for more than 5 seconds*

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Tao: “I don’t have time for your games, just gimmie a kiss already!” 

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Kris: “You know I’m still better artist than you?” *teases you*

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Luhan: *steals your tablet* *runs away* “What chu gonna do, what chu gonna do?~”

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Lingerie Photoshoot (Kai x You Angst)

“I like you too Jongin.” You shyly admitted to your best friend. That was the day your secret relationship started with Kai. Being a model, you never were able to find someone who genuinely liked you. Same goes to Kai since mostly everyone just wanted to date him since he was famous and a member of EXO.

You two were childhood best friends along with Taemin. Well, now you were Kai’s girlfriend as a matter of fact. Kai persuaded you to agree to keep this relationship a secret to the public since he didn’t want you to receive hate nor risk SM denying your relationship— worse, ban you two from seeing each other.

You agreed to it fully since you understood what he meant. Your secret relationship was only known to EXO, Taemin and your close friend, Hye Rin.

Things were going great for you two.

“Hey, how’s your day so far?” Kai asked while he wiped his sweat off his forehead. On the other line, you were at the gym working out. “I’m at the gym right now.” You spoke as you ran on the treadmill. “After this I have two photo shoots and I’m done for the day. How about you?”

“We just took a break. We’ve been practicing very hard for our comeback next year.” Kai said and you could tell he was smiling as he mentioned it. “I’ll be there watching you guys, your number one fan.” You laughed, panting slightly.

“Say… Do you want to meet up for dinner later?” You asked, getting off the treadmill. Kai sighed and replied, “Sorry… We have CF to shoot. We’ll be ending late today.”

“Ah it’s okay. Have fun though, I’ve got to go, I see my personal trainer.”

Things went great for the both of you despite the hectic schedule. However, that didn’t last long.

It wasn’t long after that call that Kai was asked to act in a music video as a boyfriend since it was a love story. The music video couldn’t avoid the kissing scene of course. It was natural that you were quite annoyed but you knew it was just an act.

What irked you more was when Kai and the actress was getting shipped crazily by the fans that EXO did a short CF with her as the main girl and Kai as the main guy.

“It’s alright, it’s just professional acting.” You told yourself down every time you saw the CF and music video.

Later on, you were asked to be the main model for a lingerie line and partner up with another male model from your modeling company. You had asked EXO to come over during your photo shoot since their album photo shoot was just nearby.

Once the photo shoot was done, you headed over to where EXO was waiting for you after changing into your own clothes. All greeted you happily except for him. “I’ll drive you home.” Kai said in a low voice and you immediately knew something was wrong.

“Why are you so serious Jongin? Do you want a midnight snack?” You said as you walked into your apartment. “Is that what you can think of now?”

You turned around to see Kai glaring at you. “J-Jongin what’s wrong?”

“I know it was a photo shoot but you two were having too much skin contact and you looked like you enjoyed it!” He got straight to the point. You were definitely taken aback. You were so calm and collected when he had to kiss a girl not once but three times but he explodes at you in pure anger.

“Excuse me? If I recalled correctly, you too made a lot of skin contact with a girl. In fact, you two kissed. And Jongin please, it’s a lingerie photo shoot of course there will be touching and close body contact.” You said frankly as you walked to his front away from the kitchen counter.

He let out a dry laugh. “Wow, you really don’t take it seriously.”

“Take what seriously?” You asked, slowly getting annoyed with him.

“Don’t play dumb (y/n), of course our relationship. You know just because it’s secret doesn’t mean you behave like you’re not in a relationship.”

You raised an eyebrow, clearly not believing what he was saying. “You need to calm down before you say anything else. That’s the point of a secret relationship, we pretend that we aren’t in a relationship to the public.”

As you spoke, your fists clenched tighter without you knowing. “And you know I’m a model Jongin. Of course I can’t escape all these situations!”

You breathed out and raised your arms slowly out at him. “Jongin please you’re tired and you just need to calm—”

“Don’t bullshit me and tell me to calm down!” He yelled, shoving your hands aside. “You know I’m done being patient with you!” You yelled back at him.

“You started with the secret relationship. We both knew what we would be experiencing! You suggested this! And now you’re the one who can’t handle it! I know this isn’t you! You’re just tired and—”

“You know what? Let’s break up!” Hee blurted out those painful words out of anger, throwing his fists in the air. You knew the fight was really bad since you were screaming at each other but you never wanted to break up with him.

Things suddenly slowed down for you, his fists slowly coming down, the clock ticking, everything just slowed down. The only thing moving fast were his words in your mind.

“Let’s break up.”

Swearing not to cry, you nodded your head. “Fine, I agree. It’s nice knowing you.” You grabbed your keys and stormed out of the apartment. You scrambled to take out your phone and call your best friend Hye Rin.

A huge part of you wanted to be stopped by Kai and be pulled into his embrace but no one followed you out. He didn’t chase after you.

It’s the end. You thought to yourself.

“Hye Rin ah, please pick me up. I’ll meet you at the mall near my apartment building.” You said in between sobs.

You were already far away while Kai was in your apartment. Still taking in everything. His body jerked and he turned around and slammed the door, “I screwed this up didn’t I.” He scolded himself as he ran down the stairs, not bothering to wait for the lift.

By the time he was at ground level, you were already on your friend’s car on the way to her home.

The next day, Kai was early at your friend’s door. It was 5AM and you heard someone constantly pressing on the doorbell. You quickly headed to the door, not wanting your friend to wake up.


“Kai please.” You spoke bitterly. He cringed at the sound of his stage name. You never called him that. Just as your were about to close the door, he placed his hand in between and pushed it back open.

“(Y/n), I’m truly sorry you know how much you mean to me. I’m so sorry you had to hear all those, I was really tired and jealous. I should’ve listened to you. Just please, I don’t want anyone taking you away from me.” Kai said, tears streaming down his face.

You sighed and hugged him. “You pabo.” You muttered, he chuckled softly and hugged you tightly, not wanting to let you go.

“Yah. You two. It’s 5AM, just back into my apartment and sleep but no sex.” Hye Rin popped out from her room. You smiled gratefully at your friend and Kai bowed, thanking her.

“Maybe another day we can have our own private lingerie photo shoot.” Kai whispered into your ear as the two of you laid in the guest room. His arms lovingly wrapped around you.

“Jongin please.”

“(Y/n) please.” He teased.

“Just promise me one thing?” You said. “What is it?” He asked.

“Remind me never to invite you to my lingerie shoots anymore.”


I hope you liked it ANON!’

EXO's reaction to a hot sex scene in the movie.


“I think it’s time to put all the hip thrusting in action!”


*wakes up after movie is already ended* “Did I saw that hot scene? What scene?! Can we watch it again?!”


“I’m channelling my inner porn star right now, baby, get ready!”


*gets nervous* “Oooh well, I guess we are forced to watch this…”


“Oh hello, friend! What? No nothing, just watch this beautiful scene!”


“I didn’t know you can do it like that! We have to try it! To the galaxy, my lady!”


“I like this movie, it’s really…” *scene starts, Yixing goes deep into his unicorn land*


“Just look what happens when you let me choose the movie…”


“Are you thinking what I’m thinking…? I would just love to have s…trawberry bubble tea right now…”


“Aishh…I’m sorry you have to watch this…”


“This guy needs some lessons from a true lovemaker…Right, baby?”


“Want to try this too?!”

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Hi Lovely, I know a lot of people are saying that Kai doesn't have feels/it's Luke that's influencing his feels; but on the contrary, I disagree b/c when Kai & Bon were in that cave, he brought Ms. Cuddles b/c & I quote "Thought you might like to bring her along." Why would he do that? If u don't give a shit/care, why? Some will say he did it to mess with her, but I don't think so. Sorry been analyzing that scene cuz I think waaay before the merge, that he did feel, just doesn't like to admit it

Hi Anon! :) Sorry for the delay.<3 I disagree with anyone saying that about Luke as well. Luke didn’t care about Bonnie. Luke isn’t making Kai like Bonnie more than he likes everyone else. That’s all Kai. Kai liked Bonnie even before the merge. Whether it be infatuation or what have you, there was something there. Obviously an attraction, but I got the feeling that after watching her for months he even grew a liking to her. The bear thing, you’re right. It doesn’t make sense for Kai bring Ms Cuddles, at that point, he figured they were going back home to present day, so why would he need to butter Bonnie up? His goal was to get out of the prison world, and his other goal was to seek revenge on his coven. He also called her brave, loyal and patient(which is all true). But from Bonnie’s point of view, she felt like she was being manipulated. Bonnie hates the feeling of being manipulated and she already figured Kai was a psychopath who wants to fuck with her emotions and wreak havoc once he’s out, that’s likely why she did something sort of irrational by sending her magic away in the teddy bear. So she can one-up Kai, and put him in his place. And to be fair, Kai did manipulate Bonnie a couple times before that. First he lied about having information about the spell on how to get out of the prison world. which even a non-psychopath would have done at that point, anyone who is desperate enough to leave a prison world would have exaggerated their importance in order to leave. And then he manipulated her in that car scene. He left the keys there on purpose in order to make her think she could start the car and leave, only to trick her. Bonnie said that Kai would kill her the first chance they got out of the prison world, which I really doubt he would have. If anything he would have convinced her to join sides with him. He saw her potential and he was impressed. He also opened up to Bonnie about how he was treated by his family/father. If this was just him simply trying to manipulate Bonnie then he would have lied about things, but he didn’t. From all accounts, even from Jo, Kai was indeed treated like crap for 22 years. Kai spoke the truth on how the faux-merge happened etc. The only thing Kai lied about was him saying he’d let Bonnie take the car in order to go their separate ways.

Kai was still about Bonnie even after he left the prison world and before the merge. That moment when he was torturing Elena and his eyes light up as soon as he sees Bonnie’s picture and says “Oh there’s Bonnie!” was more evidence to me that the moments Kai and Bonnie had in the prison world wasn’t him being fake. Because there would be no reason for Kai to act like that without Bonnie being present to witness it. I think they both got under each others skin. They both had a lot of sexual tension. Bonnie even admitted that she trusted Kai before he abandoned her. So even Bonnie felt like there could have been a genuine part of him.

Luke has given Kai the ability to feel empathy but Luke doesn’t influence Kai on who to feel guilty for or who to like/fall in love with. Kai has been selective. Technically he’s only really apologized to Bonnie even though he has done a lot of bad things to others. She’s the only one he needed to see. Kai wants Bonnie, just like he always wanted Bonnie, but this time there is more caring and emotion behind it. She’s the only one he would ever risk his own life for. Luke would never do that in a million years for Bonnie. Risk his own life? Nope. And risk his entire family’s life for Bonnie? Never. 

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jay and tim look really pretty in their one breakfast scene lol

Indeed my children have grown up beautiful and strong