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Desc: Kai’s father kidnaps reader, causing Kai to burst into a frantic, bloody, and violent rage as he does everything he can to protect you.

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She woke up in the back of his trunk, hands bound with cloth, hair sprawled around her precious face. She blinked her bright eyes open and rolled to her side, the pain that seared through her like hot red fire. She was wearing the same outfit of that as when she’d been knocked out by Joshua parker, a black tee and dark skinnies. She began to kick into the trunk, screaming out, not for herself, but for him.

“KAI!” She screeched in desperation, unable to break the magically sealed binds on her wrists.

It had been early nightfall when Kai’s father had come after her. She’d been able to catch only a moment’s peace with her treasured heretic before a bright blast had hit her in the back, and she’d crumpled onto the floor, the last sound she heard being Kai’s voice crying her name. She knew why Joshua had kidnapped her; it was the only way he could get Kai, and end him once and for all. Now it was dark out, probably around midnight, she presumed from the stars in the pitch black sky.

Suddenly, the car trunk was thrown open, shimmering rays of silver moonlight illuminating her saviors face.

“Kai,” she choked.

His hands were drenched in fresh ruby red blood, big blue eyes lacking their usual glow, lips bent downwards in such a way that the goofball she’d gotten to know seemed almost unrecognizable. His white tee was torn and covered in dirt, long arms stretching into the trunk as he grasped her curled and feeble form in his strong hold.

“Oh god, oh god,” he whispered frantically, more to himself than her. He scooped her bridal style into his arms, eyes flickering across her confused face. His slender fingers came up to brush a stray strand of hair back behind her ears, whispering an incantation under his breath that melted the binds on her wrists.

“I’m okay,” she reassured him as he gingerly set her on her feet and onto the soil.

“This is all my fault,” he breathed, hands cupping at her face, tears coming to his eyes. “Y/N, please, run.”

“I’m not leaving you,” she protested, locking her fingers around his, eyebrows furrowed.

“Now would be a good time to say your goodbye’s,” a voice said from behind her.

Joshua Parker stood with his right hand raised, the left side of his face bruised up from where she assumed Kai had hit him. The look in his eyes was dark and cold, he had no regret for what he was going to do to his own son, nor what he had done in the past. The green grass seemed to droop where he walked, an aura of relentless hatred around his body.

Kai spun away from her at once, eyes locking on his father, his hands raising in front of her like a shield, silver rings glinting under the starlight.

“Don’t you dare touch her,” he growled, his voice dropping low, expression hardening. “Or I swear, I will gladly rip your throat out and tear you apart limb from limb.” Kai’s jaw was set, eyes hooded, and something about the way he spoke and held himself almost scared her, he never acted like this.

His father raised an eyebrow and took a step forward, eyes landing on the girl.

“Ka-” she began.

But in another moment she was thrown forward, her body ragdolling as she went soaring through the air and crumbling onto the ground at Joshua’s feet. A searing pain burst through her arm, and she went rolling onto her side, vision momentarily going black. Joshua parker raised a finger and drew a slit in the air, which began to slice a long red mark across her pale cheeks. Kai leapt forward, her name tumbling off his lips as he dashed into an invisible wall that held him back from her. An orange glow appeared as he began to siphon the magic, but it was so slow that nothing seemed to happen.

“Fool,” his father spat. “I didn’t want to kill you, that would be too kind. So instead you’ll watch as I take the one thing from your life that brought you happiness.”

He drew another slice in the air, now cutting down the flesh of her stomach, and she screamed out in agony as blood spilled across her front and over her trembling hands, tears flooding down her cheeks as Kai screamed out in anguish, his hands clawing at the barrier, knees shaking as he sobbed at the sight of her, looking more broken than ever.

“Please, PAPA!” Kai begged, so scared and fragile, just like the boy who had once been abused and isolated by everyone he loved.

She stretched an arm across the grass, fingertips touching the invisible shield. She was too weak to talk, but her fingers spread across the wall, he knew exactly what she wanted to say.

“Don’t,” he cried, raising his palm against the other side, fingers spreading out against hers, lower lip trembling as his own tears travelled across them.

She gasped out, body convulsing suddenly, the blood draining from her body and onto the grass. She gave a feeble smile to him, unable to utter how much she loved him in any other way.

All at once, where their fingers touched, the invisible barrier began to crack, shattering into a thousand pieces as it disintegrated under their contact. Kai stared in awe as the spell melted into his skin, his eyes closing as the magic flooded into his system like a drug. His fingers traced patterns across her flesh, wounds closing at once, the electricity from his magic sending electrical currents into her healed body. He stood up, eyes fluttering open as he cracked his neck with a faint smirk. His father stared in disbelief, taking a step back when he realized his defense system was down. Joshua gulped down the nervous lump in his throat as Kai approached him slowly, lips splitting into a twisted grin. Kai lifted two of his fingers into the air, and his father began to rise from the ground, panic spreading across his features. Kai released him at just the position where he wouldn’t die, but would instead be filled with intense agony. 

“How does that feel, papa?” he asked, snapping his father’s legs with a flick of his wrist. He twisted his fingers, and blood went exploding from his father’s body and onto Kai’s front, to which Kai chuckled, drunk off the rush.

Joshua screamed out in pain, his voice filling the empty night, begging Kai to let him live.

“Kai, stop,” she gasped, watching in horror as he assumed an identity so unlike his own. She dragged herself off the earth and onto her feet, eyes pleading with his own.

Kai froze, dark glare softening under her gaze, “he tried to hurt you, and anyone who tries to lay so much as a finger on you deserves worse than death,” he snarled.

She grabbed his wrists before he could turn away, defiant as she grasped him tightly. 

“You’re better than him,” she stated.

Kai tried to turn his head away, unable to resist her control, but she forced his jaw back to hers. 

“Hey, hey, look at me,” she commanded.

Kai’s teeth gritted together as he blinked through his long lashes with a shake of his head.

“You’re better,” she whispered softly.

She brought him back down from his craze, and Kai sighed, his shoulders relaxing, full lips parting as he went to speak.

Suddenly, from the corner of her eye, she made out Joshua parker, raising his arm to give one final move before he collapsed for good. He coughed out a spell, and Kai’s ears began to ring, hands flying to his temples as he crumpled to the ground from the noise flooding his body. The girl caught Kai’s body as he sunk to the dirt and cried out, his blue eyes pained as they held to hers, and in the second where she saw him like that, where she was unable to do anything but watch him die, she understood.

“GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM HIM!” she snarled and dashed over to Kai’s father, arm swinging out as she dove towards his crumpled form. Her fist went smashing into his jaw, which cracked under the force, blood exploding across her knuckles. She slammed her fist in one more time for good measure, heart racing as Joshua Parker went still under her blow. She didn’t even care when his eyes met with hers before glazing over, she didn’t care when his heart failed to beat, nor when his body went still.

“Y/N,” Kai’s voice was distant as he pulled himself up to approach her.

She breathed heavily, hair all across her eyes as she stared in disbelief at her bloodied hands. She spun around, eyes locking with Kai’s blue ones. He looked at her with bewilderment, which was fair enough considering he’d never seen her act this way.

“Are you going to make me apologize,” she murmured, voice low. “Because I am sorry, but not for what I did to him. I’m sorry I let you let him live another second.”

Kai was close to her now, eyes flickering across her dark facial expression, wanting to feel scared or sad because of her newfound rage, but with blood on her hands and black in her eyes, he just couldn’t stop himself. His hands grabbed at her cheeks, forcing her face into his as her lips went crashing against his own. Her hands came up against his jaw, and both of them groaned softly against each other’s mouths as their bloody hands left red across their faces.

“I’ve never felt more scared of anything than I have about losing you,” her voice cracked as she pulled back, nose squishing against his. “I love you so so much Malachai Parker,” her face softened, eyes glistening with tears. “I don’t want you to think I’m a bad person, I just-” she stumbled softly.

He pecked at her lips, bringing his bloodied fingers to her cheek and drawing a crimson heart on her flesh.

“Love makes us do crazy things,” he finished.

I’M SUPER EARLY but since I leave I’d rather be early than late so


Have a little human Odessa because she was demanding to be drawn as an actual mermaid, I hope you like it love <3

May cancer ako at ayaw ko ng kung anu-anong treatment. Ang problema lang ay mamatay ako na virgin. Ang papa at mama ko, papayag lang na makipag sex ako sa ka-LDR kong jowa kapag nahulaan ko kung ano ang gustong course ng kapatid ko. Itong kaibigan ko naman ay hahanapan nya daw ako ng pwedeng kapartner na mas malapit lang sakin.

Pumunta kami ng kaibigan ko sa mall para maghanap ng damit panglamay ko. Gusto kong mag hoodie jacket kapag nakahiga na ako sa kabaong ko. Nung umuwi ako, maraming ka churchmates na bisita kasi si Papa ay isang pastor at sila mama naman ay may choir. Lumapit agad ako kay Papa, sinabi ko sa kanya na “ Alam ko na ang sagot Pa. Architecture po ba?”. Sinagot ako ni Papa ng “ Ready ka na, kunin mo na yung unsent letters para maibigay mo na sa ka-LDR mo kasi papunta na sya.” Maya-maya ay may biglang nag doorbell sa gate, tumakbo ako kasi sa wakas, nanjan na yung ka LDR kong jowa.

Pero nung paglabas ko ay yung kaibigan ko lang pala pero may dala syang magandang babae at poging lalaki. Sabay sabi na, “ Keep your options open, diba Clyde? Nakita ko sila sa Mall kanina. ” Yung choir at churchmates ay lumabas na din, kinakantahan na ako ng “ Sa wakas! HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH Hindi na mamatay na virgin Hallelujah !! “ potek hahahaha

Habang nagdadasal ako na tumigil sila, biglang dumating din ang ka LDR kong jowa pero malungkot sya nung nakita nya yung magandang babae at poging lalaki at sinabing ” May 3rd party na pala sa relasyon natin“. Tumakbo sya papalayo. Magkalayo ulit kami dahil don. Sinasabi ko sa inyo, ang 3rd party talaga ang totoong cancer sa panaginip nato.

My sabado night

Someone asked me kanina ano daw plans ko tonight since sabado naman and i was like ????? what plans? Charot. Wala masyadong ganap. Nakahiga lang sa sahig the whole day. Nasabi ko na tuloy sa sarili ko na no TGIS for me. Pero wanmelyon thank you para kay Papa G. Idk pero dahil lang sa sunset kanina parang wooo nalift ng beri light emotions ko.

Rooftop nako tumambay hanggang gabi. Umulan ng beri light (grabe pang ilang beri light ko na to) pero kebs nagstay pa din ako sa rooftop may nakita akong stars eh so I know and I can feel na di to lalakas at mawawala rin to. And yes tama nga ko. Mga ilang oras din akong nakatingin lang sa kalangitan habang nakikinig ng mga songs ng pink floyd (to calm me down naman sobrang stress ng araw na to eh had a nakakadrain-to-death convo with someone kanina) muntik nakong magkakastiff neck.

Biglang pumasok sa isip ko ang soju. Oy soju’s nice. Why not give it a try again HAHAHA. Di ako titigil hangga’t di ko matry lahat ng flavors, pursuit in lyf ko yan ba’t baaaa *sabay finger heart* sabay naalala kong may binili pala akong spicy ramen kagabi oy perfect.

So it’s a spicy ramen and cough medicine blueberry pesticide soju night for me. Korean night to mga pre kulang nalang si song joong ki solb na. HAHAHAHAHA anyway eto lang masasabi ko DI KO TRIP ANG BLUEBERRY SOJU SYEHET pero i have to finish it because sayang din naman. Perfect naman palang ipartner ang ramen sa soju para di ko mafeel ang pagiging yakidudils ng blueberry yak. Pero my shoulder hurts na as well as my legs aaand nung tumayo na ko dun ko na nasabing fuark may amats nako men. Pero 💯 para sa ramen, man. Grabe sa anghang ay lav et.

Di pa dyan nagtatapos. Dapat matutulog nako eh pero sayang ang gabi, aga pa. Minsan lang to. Kaya naisipan kong magbasa. Natapos ko na ang Godfather kaya next book na tayo mga chong

Tas tangina kakasimula ko palang nakailang chapters pa ko pero umiiyak nako?!?! Di ako shur kung dahil sa cough medicine/blueberry pesticide o dahil sa naawa talaga ako sa doggo o baka both. May pa pout pout pa ko dahil affected talaga ako meyn hanggang sa naiyak na talaga ako. Tangina wag magbasa pag mej intoxicated. Pero kalmado nako ngayon. Ty wotah. PERO ANG GAGO PA RIN NG BLUEBERRY SOJU.

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Jongin: Do you wonna? Is it okay?

Me: *dies*

anonymous asked:

What do you think about Susan Kay's "Phantom"?

Oh, gosh… mixed feelings?

I remember the first time I read it through, I liked it a lot, way more than Leroux. I was a younger phan, as you might imagine, heavily influenced by the 2004 film, and Leroux’s Phantom creeped me out. Kay’s Phantom was, in my eyes, far more romantic, which was probably intentional, given that Kay wrote her Phantom based on both Leroux and the ALW stage production. So I basically preferred Kay far more than Leroux. Looking back over it now, though, I’ve pretty much changed my mind, and quite a lot of it has to do with Kay’s portrayal of Christine and the parts of the book that are actually covered in Leroux’s novel.

I think my favorite portions of the book, and the ones I appreciate the most, are the ones detailing Erik’s past. Those, I think, are pretty convincing and well-written. However, once Erik meets Christine, it sort of goes downhill, and I’m really not a fan of how Christine is described as a mentally unstable person who would always need someone to take care of her - the part where she mentally regresses into a child after seeing Erik’s face and his coffin makes me feel kind of icky. And I’ll just quote my most favorite of lines here:

I’m beginning to realize just how much of a child she really is, how terrifyingly immature and vulnerable - even unstable. There’s a fatal flaw running through her, like a hairline crack in a Ming dynasty vase, but that very imperfection makes me love her with even greater tenderness. I don’t suppose for one moment that [Raoul] is aware of the never-ending care she’ll need. Whoever marries Christine is going to have to be prepared to play the father as well as the lover; if she lives to be eighty, she may never be more than a child at heart, a lost and frightened little girl bewildered by the demands of reality.

What happened to my Leroux Christine, who got up and told Erik, “Hey, I think your face is okay!” and then burned his masks? I think it’s also heavily implied in Kay that it was Papa Daae who deliberately cultivated this in Christine, stating that he liked to keep Christine as a child, which is something else I wasn’t quite comfortable with.

Other Tumblr users like fdelopera and redeaths have mentioned that it feels like Kay fell in love with her creation of Erik, and I agree with that. Leroux obviously feels pity for the Phantom and at the end of the book mourns the man Erik might have become if he had not been ostracized by the rest of society for his deformity, but he doesn’t shy away from the creepiness of the guy, and Christine is almost always seen as being in the right for being frightened of him and wanting to leave with Raoul. Kay, on the other hand, just really loves her Erik and I felt like every character that meets him ends up in awe at his skills, his voice, and his magnetic sexuality. It really does feel like Kay expected Christine to just give in and fall in love with Erik, and the fact that she doesn’t is seen as, well, wrong. There’s a passage where Christine berates herself for not being able to love the Phantom, and I can’t help but feel that it was Kay putting her own thoughts about Christine into the novel:

The thought of that white rose filled me with such bitter shame, made me hate my ignoble cowardice, my unworthy physical shrinking, the childish, lingering revulsion for that face. Yearning to turn and reach out to him, I remained unable to conquer that inner fear… because I lacked the courage of a rose, I could not set him free.

And this one, after she accepts Raoul’s proposal:

How can I go back to Erik too frightened to say yes and yet unable to say no? How can I look upon his grief and still stay sane? Oh, Erik, why did it have to be me? You chose a timorous, shrinking mouse on which to lavish your passionate devotion when, if God was loving, you should by rights have had a splendid young lioness!

…My love is just a shoddy, broken little toy that I’m too ashamed to own. Don’t cry for my loss, Erik… I’ve never been worthy of your tears.

To some extent I might agree - Christine in the original novel may very well have been ashamed of her feelings for Erik, not least because there’s a strong undercurrent of sexuality to it that she would find dangerous and forbidden. But Kay here makes it clear that Christine finds her love shameful and unworthy because she doesn’t have the courage to accept the Phantom, and it sort of brings out the inner snark in me. (Ooohh, she’s afraid to accept a terrifying deformed murderer who keeps shouting at her as her lover? How awful, how could anyone be afraid to make that decision?)

The relationship between them also lacks that sort of power reversal I enjoyed in Leroux, because in the original, while it was the Phantom who did the kidnapping and hypnotizing and forcibly brought Christine down to his lair, very often it was Christine who remained strong and forthright despite all this while the Phantom was “like a dog sitting by its master”, a “faithful slave”, subtly showing that while the Phantom might try to have physical control over Christine, it was Christine who in the end had emotional control over him, so to speak. I never really got this sense in Kay’s book, where Christine always seemed the worshipful student whose always in awe of him. I can’t ever really see Kay’s Phantom crawling towards Christine and kissing the hem of her dress. And just to be clear, I wouldn’t hate this relationship if there was some progression or change in it, like Christine becoming stronger, but I never felt like that happens. Even at the end, during the kiss scene, the Phantom describes Christine as more broken than strong:

I’d totally dismantled this child… taken her to pieces in my crazed determination to make her heart tick in harmony with my own. I’d taught her to sing like one of God’s own angels, I’d loved her more than anything else upon this earth… but my love had destroyed her, reduced her to a pitiful creature barely aware of her own actions… made her as mad as I was myself.

I kind of wonder if the “pitiful creature” bit was deliberate, since it’s said in ALW’s stage show, though ironically from Christine to the Phantom, not the other way around. And in the end, Christine becomes a sort of zombie who just lives her life waiting to die and be reunited with the Phantom. Whoop de doo. Not to mention that I feel like all of Erik’s relationships with women in Kay’s book sort of ends up like this… but that’s something for another day. And I think it would be fine if this were treated as unhealthy and creepy - to some extent, I think it is - but at the same time it’s also seen as the epitome of romance, and I really don’t think it is.

Well, damn, this became an essay. But I’ve had some of these things on my mind for a while. Just to be clear - my own opinion, nothing else! I heavily criticize a lot of Kay, but I do find her writing enjoyable (if occasionally purple prose-y) and the first three-quarters of the book are good. It’s just… her Christine and the relationship with Erik… eh, not so fun.

              Soy el hombre más normal en el mundo—Apareció esa sonrisa macabra que les arrancaba la carcajada a todos los que estaban a su alrededor. Delilah miro a su padre con una gran sonrisa y negó con la cabeza pues era una vieja broma que nunca se le pasaba hacer cuando conocía a alguien. –bueno, si nos disculpan tenemos que continuar—hablo la castaña mientras trataba de jalar a su padre de en medio de las personas.

               Quería alejarse lo más posible de allí con su padre pero no hizo más que toparse con un hombre—Lo siento mucho, no fue mi intención tan solo intento sacar a mi padre de aquí y … lo siento. @kaibrxwn

hello. busy sa school pero napa-tumblr ako nang wala sa oras dahil wala akong mapagsabihan. 

lowkey, o baka highkey na rin, akong tinataboy sa bahay. 

nagsimula to dahil sa panonood ko ng alaala:a martial law special sa gma noong linggo. tinanong ako ni mama bakit ko pinapanood yon. may balak daw ba akong maging aktibista? yun daw ba dahilan bakit gusto kong mag-up? ulit-ulit si mama hanggang sa mairita ako at sinabing “ano naman?” 

doon na nagsimula yung, “kung ganiyan ka rin lang naman, huwag ka na mag-up. diyan ka na lang sa bpsu.” “mag-aaral ka doon, hindi maggaganiyan.”

nasisi pa nga si pay. “siguro nahihikayat ka nung bakla na yon no?” sabi ko naman “lahat na lang sinisi mo. hindi ba pwedeng gusto ko lang mamulat?”

at marami pang iba.

kinwento ni mama kay papa, na nasa abroad, yung nangyari. nagmessage sa akin si papa sa messenger.

“Mitshi ayukong malalaman sasama ka sa mga layunin Ng ibang tao ha…hwag mong sabihin sakin Ang mulat mulat na Yan…may magulang ka na dapat na mag mulat syo…Kung Hindi ka susunod sa akin ikaw Ang masusunod hihinto na ako sa pag abroad nag papakahirap ako dito para sa magandang kinabukasan mo…Hindi para sa ibang tao Kung di mo ako susundin Tandaan mo hwag mo na akung ituring na ama…makinig ka skin Mitshi galing na ako dyan…Kaya Alam ko yan

“Pag pinag patuloy mo yang panindigan mo na Yan March uuwe sa graduation mo Hindi Kita pupuntahan dyan..habang nagtattabaho tuloy ako naiiyak ako sa sinabi ni mama…pag pinag patuloy mo Yang pagsama sa mga yan at paninindigan ikaw Ang pipiliin Kung pumatay sa akin o ikaw Ang pipiliin Kung bumaril sa akin…galing na ako dyan Mitshi noong si Marcos pa…

“Hahayaan Kita sa bahay hanggang 18 year mo pag dating mo ng 19 pwede ka Ng lumayas Ng xbahay pwede ka Ng sumama sa lahat Ng gusto mong ipag Laban sa lipunan…simulan mo Ng hwag akung kausapin ngayon palang… ngayon palang iba na nga Ang mga sagot mo sa Amin…”

soooo… yeah. 

tangina ang lungkot 

Painting Pictures On Faces

Title: Painting Pictures On Faces

Rating: PG

Word Count: ~2k

Summary: A special Make-Up Challenge video featuring their daughter Ella.

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A/N:  This fic was totally inspired by Louise’s new video where Darcy does her make-up

Ever since Ella had appeared in one of their Day In The Life videos people had been requesting for her to be in more of their videos. They didn’t want to share their daughter with the internet too much, but Phil reaching 6 million subscribers seemed like a good enough occasion to bring her back on his channel.

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Mama: balita ko naginom ka kagabi.

Me: inubos ko lang yung kay papa.

Papa: naubos mo?

Mama: anong chaser mo?

Me: tubig lang. Baka malasing ako pag juice pa.

Mama: siguro yung pagovernight overnight mo umiinom ka.

Me: luh?

qaqo baka di na ako payagan mag overnight 😂😂😂 hahahahaha. Pero tara inom po!!!