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when u tell a joke and no one gets it

Exo As Problematic Feminists
  • Kai:Anti-black POC feminist
  • Suho:"white capitalist it's-unlike-you-to-pit-women-against-each-other" feminist
  • Luhan:Trans exclusionary radical feminist
  • Yifan:"Male guest speaker in an all-male panel talk on abortion rights" feminist
  • Tao:"Quotes poc/black academic research without credit and claims ownership of the same" feminist
  • Kyungsoo:Armchair feminist
  • Chanyeol:"#HeForShe heteronormative non-binary erasure" feminist
  • Baekhyun:"Ableist gaslighting piece of femishit" feminist
  • Xiumin:"Online MRA with a feminist pseudonym derailing conversations on women's exploitation with what about ze men, eeqquaaliity" feminist
  • Sehun:"Tone policing, respectability politics imposing, high end brand (which exploit third world labour and global south climate) wearing" feminist
  • Lay:"the essentialist who glorifies the role of women only as mothers and wives sealing them within the oikos" feminist
  • Chen:"the overly academic activist who takes pride in utterly useless analysis such as the feminist message behind the well manicured nails of Kim Kardashian" feminist
  • Inspired by exheaux's post on fav. Chanyeol tweets