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Episode 3: The Secret

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It’s a refreshing and beautiful morning here in Neverland. Despite its fierce name, the Dark Jungle is thriving with life as the bird chirped in the trees with a melodious tone. With the beautiful sounds that made to your ear, you can’t help but to wonder how the Dark Jungle got its name. You closed your eyes for a moment as you take in the refreshing air of the jungle.

“Y/n.” Felix’s voice caught you by surprise, reminding you that you were not alone and you were out early in the morning for a mission.

“Yeah, what’s up?”

“What’s going on between you two?” You gave him a look, asking him to explain himself further as his query did not make any sense to you.

“You know… you… and… Pan?” As soon as it struck you, you looked at him in utter disbelief. You slapped him hard on the back, mad at him for having such a silly idea in your head. “Ouch! What was that for?”

You looked at him with wide eyes, as if with your stare, he would just blow up right in front of you. Though, you don’t really mean that.

“Oh, come on! It was so obvious. You guys are getting soft with each other.”
Mouth agape, you stared at him, still not convinced of Felix’s statement. “You know what? Pan said the same thing about me and you. But even so, you don’t have any proof of that stupid idea of yours.”

“Really? What made Pan think like that?”

“Beats me.”

Quickly, he pushed away the thought and went back to his original statement. “Besides, I have plenty of proof.” You watched him in silence, anticipating on Felix’s answer as you eager to know what kind of proof he will present to back his statement. “For the past month, you shared your stories with him, though not as much as you did with us. But still, it was a start. And he started to complain to you of his problems, as if you could help him but in fact, you don’t even know what he was talking about half of the time.”

“So? That doesn’t prove anything. It’s just a leader trying to confide in his next right-man. Woman. Whatever.”

“Oh come on. You guys started to talk to each other more than you had ever did. I still remember the first time you stepped foot in Neverland, you would only give him a one-word reply. It’s almost impossible for you to have a longer conversation with him without getting into an argument. Making it worse, you guys even started to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to each other if any of you need any favour from the other. What’s up with that?” Felix quickly continued with his points, not giving you even the slightest opportunity to shoot him down. “But the most obvious was the one before yesterday’s game. He offered to partner with you and you accepted willingly. That’s so unlike of you. Before that, you would shoot him down right there and then every time he offered himself as your game buddy.”

Now that all evidences have been laid out, no words could come out of your mouth. You turned speechless. All your arguments that you have planned out earlier to rebut Felix’s points were gone. But why? Why can’t you just deny Felix’s statement? Was there something that you don’t want to admit, not even to yourself?

Unable to back yourself, you turned away from Felix and continued walking into the jungle, leaving his query unanswered and leading him to where the accident occurred.

Felix, following right behind you, could only smile at your actions. He knew you too well of what’s in your heart, even if you didn’t know it.

“We’re here.” Your voice breaks the awkward silence between yourself and Felix. 

Carefully, you arranged your footsteps to what seemed to be the centre of a small circle that was surrounded by tall trees and thick bushes. As you kneeled down, you picked up a stick as you pushed away the leaves to find traces of dried blood on the underside of the leaves below. Pan’s blood. 

“Y/n.” Felix’s voice pulled your attention back to him. You walked over as you looked at the piece of stick in his hand. “Was this the arrow that almost killed Pan yesterday?”

With the arrow now in your hand, you took a closer look at the arrow. “I’m not too sure. Everything happened so fast. But I believed this is the one.”

Felix took the arrow from you as he carefully observed the intricate details that surround its stick. Your eyes roamed around, trying to seek out any possible evidence that could lead you to your attacker.

As you looked around, something shiny in the trees caught your eye. Instinctively, you walked over to get a closer look, leaving Felix behind once again.

“Y/n.” Felix caught up with you. “Where are you going?”

“I saw something in that tree over there.” You pointed out to the tree that was not too far from where you were.

Felix squinted his eyes, trying to get a focused look to where you were pointing at. As soon as he realised of what you might have seen, his hand grabbed your arm, stopping you from going any further.

“What the-” His sudden action stupefied you. “Why the hell did you stop me?”

“Can we go back, please?”

“Why? Don’t tell me you are scared?”

“No. I’m not scared. But right now, you have no idea who is this attacker. For all you know, this guy is just waiting for another opportunity to kill you again. Let’s just go back.”

I have no idea? So, you know who’s out there wanting to kill me?” Felix could not reply you. “What are you hiding from me?”


“Felix. I have the right to know. This concerns my life. It might have hit Pan but the arrow was meant for me. Don’t say otherwise cos I’m sure of it. So, I need to know who is, or are, behind this.”

Silence again. 

You looked at him with pleading eyes. “Felix, please. What is it that you are not telling me?”

“I can’t tell you but I need you to trust me.”

“Then, what am I supposed to do? Just continue to stay in fear that someone’s out there to kill me?”

“No. I assure you. You will be safe. As long as I am here, Pan’s here, I promise no one’s going to hurt you.”

“What’s the big secret that you just can’t tell me the truth?”

“Y/n.” Now, it’s Felix’s turn to looked at you with his beseeching blue eyes, pleading you to stop asking him questions that he couldn’t answer.

“Fine. Forget it.” Despite the strong urge to rebel and go ahead with your mission, you turned and make your way back to camp. Perhaps what Felix said was true; you had no idea of who you might be up against. But then again, you have the right to know the truth.

“Y/n, I’m sorry.” You left him unanswered, keeping the silence between you. Felix tried to touch your arm but as soon as he did, you quickly pulled away and quicken your pace back to camp. 

For the third time that morning, you left Felix behind.

“You guys go ahead. Not feeling too well today.” You said to the boys as soon as you were done with your chores.

“Are you alright?” Harv, one of the younger ones among the lost boys, asked you.

As sincere as possible, you presented him with a sweet smile. “Yupp, I’m okay. Just need some rest.”

“Alright then. If you need anything, just shout out for any of us, alright?” You could only smile at his sincere gesture. And off they went to play their planned game in the jungle.

Convinced they had gone far enough, you took the trail that would lead you to your favourite spot in Neverland; the edge of the cliff that was not too far from camp but far enough to have some alone time.

You let out a sigh of relief as you sat at the bottom of a tree that was just a few feet away from the edge. As soon as you sat down, your mind started to spin with infinity questions raised by the recent events.

What is Felix keeping from me? Does it concern me or was it really the culprit’s intent to hurt Pan? But if I’m the intended victim, will he try again to kill me? What was in the tree that spooked Felix? Why was it so hard for him to just even tell me the truth? Urgh!

Knowing fully well all these would only dampen your mood even further, you pushed away those thoughts and enjoyed the beautiful view and refreshing air of Neverland. Though, your peace was short-lived when a familiar voice came to your ears.

“Hey there, hun.” You let out a sigh, knowing too well of his purpose coming to you. Reluctantly, you opened your eyes to see a well-built figure standing beside you.

“Hi, Pan.” Felix, you cursed under your breath.

“What was that?” Pan asked.

“Nothing.” Without asking, he took the empty spot beside you, forcing you to cross your legs and faced him. “So, what’s up?”

“You know why I’m here, don’t you?”

“Yeah… Felix told you what happened this morning.”  

Pan nodded. “Why didn’t you tell me you were going after the attacker this morning?” Before you could answer, he interrupted. “Wait. You know what? It doesn’t matter cos I had already guessed it the moment you asked for my permission early in the morning.”

“Then why did you ask me?” It was a rhetorical question. But then again, you realised that you have started to turn salty with him again. Things are going good with Pan for this past month but why are you shutting him out again? Is there something that you are trying to avoid?

“Why so angst?” You left his question unanswered, turning away from him. Though, you could not shut his voice out. “Honey, I know you’re feeling down. I knew it the moment you reached back here earlier than expected, something must have happened. Felix told me everything, including about the arrow. He was just trying to protect you.”

Trying to get your point across, you turned to face him once again. “But that arrow was clearly meant for me. If you hadn’t pushed me away, I should be the one dead right now. No matter what, I deserved to know the truth. This concerns my life. How am I going to protect myself if I don’t know who I’m up against?”

“Who says that? I’m here. Felix is here. The boys are too. We can protect you. So, what do you have to worry about?”

“There’s no one else that I can depend on other than myself, not even you, Pan.” Pan let out a sigh, knowing too well that no matter what he said, nothing could convince you that you are never alone in Neverland. 

“Honey, you don’t know what you are getting yourself into.”

His last sentence struck you. “So… YOU too know who tried to kill me?”

Pan turned speechless. And in that moment, you knew you hit a bull’s eye. With anger, you immediately stood up. “Fine.” You stomped off, leaving Pan stoned at his spot. You turned to him before disappearing into the jungle. “I won’t be returning to the camp tonight. Don’t look for me. I’ll go back when I feel like it.” And off you went, deeper into the Dark Jungle, alone with no one to depend on.

“Y/n. It’s dangerous out there.” You continued running, getting further away from him. “Y/n!”

With all his might, he punched into the tree in front of him. However, he is not Hulk and his hand is bleeding due to his action. Even though he could have easily healed it with his magic, he left it alone to feel the pain. But yet, the pain in his hand could not be compared with that in his heart.

“Damn it.”

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[170301] EXO’s Kai Lands Lead Role In Upcoming Japanese Drama

EXO’s Kai will be starring in a new Japanese drama title “Spring Has Come” (working title).

After a source from SM Entertainment revealed that Kai will be appearing in the drama, some Japanese news outlets also heard the news and also expressed interest in the EXO member’s new role.

This drama is based on the original Japanese novel of the same name, and is written by Kuniko Mukōda. It focuses on family life in modern society, and Kai will be playing the main character as a Korean cameraman.

The drama will be broadcast on channel WOWOW, and it’s especially surprising since this is the first time that a non-Japanese actor will be playing the lead in a drama produced by that broadcasting station.

Meanwhile, Kai is currently filming for KBS’s pre-produced drama “Andante,” which will be airing some time this year.


A Kai Parker Highschool Imagine! 

 Warnings: SMUT AHEAD 

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 Thursday was Y/N’s favorite day of the week. Because it combined her two favorite things. Tennis and her boyfriend, Kai Parker. Kai had been her crush for the first years of Highschool. And now she was his girlfriend. Y/N didn’t know who to thank for this little wonder, but she was thankful each and everyday. Kai was everything a girl wants. Caring, funny, honest, sexy…and a little bit possessive. That’s why he is walking Y/N to the tennis club every Thursday. To spend two hours, watching her and making sure none of the boys around were checking her out. Y/N had to admit, she looked cute as hell, in her short tennis skirt and with those tennis socks, she was wearing. They were driving Kai wild. And almost every other boy. Y/N had told him many times, that she could take care of herself. But he didn’t listen. The thing was that Kai didn’t mind to watch her for two hours. The way her skirt lifted a little and exposed the soft flesh of her thighs. Or how her brows furrowed in concentration. He loved to watch her heavy breathing, it looked just like when she was laying underneath him. And they were having their fun. So every Thursday Kai was sitting on a bench, at the site of the tennis court. Keeping an eye out for the boys playing basketball or chilling. He clenched his jaw whenever he saw one of them even look at his, Y/N. To let everyone see who she belonged to, Kai was all over her whenever she stopped playing for a moment. ‘Admit it,’ he was whispering in her ear hoarsely,’ you are wearing these socks only to drive me mad.’ Y/N smiled to herself. The girl she played with, had to get another hair tie for herself, so Y/N had a short moment in that she could give her attention to her boyfriend, who was craving it badly. ‘Can you even imagine what you are doing to me, Y/N? And to those boys,maybe I should take you here in front of them, to prove that you are mine.’ Y/N couldn’t believe her ears. 'Kai!’ She exclaimed, looking at her boyfriend intensely. He knew how much his dirty talk turned her on. 'You are blushing, baby. Did I make you uncomfortable?’ Kai winked at her. Y/N smiled knowingly. She couldn’t wait to finally get home and have her way with him. 'Y/N, hey, I’m sorry but I have to go. My sister is in the hospital. She had a accident. A broken bone or something.’ Y/N turned around to face her friend. 'Sure,’ she said with a worried expression on her face,’ I hope she’s fine soon. See you.’ Her friend nodded, grabbed her racket hand left. Y/N turned her attention back to Kai, who was starring at her impatiently. 'Well, I suggest we leave. And have some fun,’ he laughed, that beautiful laugh that send chill down Y/N’s spine. How was everything about him so sexy? Y/N chuckled and grabbed her stuff. 'I’ll just get my water bottle from over there,’ she said and jogged to the back of the court to get the bottle. As she bend over to pick it up, one of the boys who were playing basketball whistled at her. 'Hey Babe, how ya’ doin?’ Uh-Oh, Y/N thought and made her way back to Kai. So they could leave as fast as possible. But her boyfriend seemed to be more interested in what the guy had to say than her. Y/N placed a hand on his chest. ’ Kai come on just go, he’s not worth it,’ she tried to convince him but was cut off by the boy again. ’ A Woman like you should be with a real man. Not with an imp like him.’ His friend laughed and Y/N could literally feel the heat radiating through Kai. The vein on his neck was pulsating. 'What did you say, you fucking Bitch?!’ Kai started stalking towards the boy. Clenching his fists. Y/N was trying to stop him, but it was too late. Kai had landed a straight punch to the guy’s jaw. And another one. 'Kai, stop!’ She shouted and tried to get him off of the boy. 'You little rat. That’s what you deserve. She’s with me, got it?!’ The other guy’s were standing around them, in a circle, not sure what to do. 'Calm the fuck down, Kai,’ Y/N grabbed his arm and pulled him away from the group of boys. 'What the fuck? Why did you do that?’ She hissed at him. Kai looked at her confused. Didn’t she hear what that Asshole had said? They were walking towards the locker room. Y/N ripped open the door and shoved her boyfriend inside. He turned around to face her, their noses almost touching. ’ Because he talked to you. And he acted as if I didn’t know how to please you,’ he ranted,’ I am not going to let some little imp talk to you like that,’ Kai pressed his body into hers. Y/N had to admit that this was making her wet. She could feel his cock on the inside of her thigh. His eyes turned black from lust and he let out an inhumane growl. 'I’m gonna show you why you are with me,’ he pressed her into one of the lockers. 'I want you to come for me, babe.’ It turned Y/N on how dominating he was. She could feel the heat, the jealousy and the lust radiating off of him. His strong hands firmly pressed Y/N’s hips into the locker as his face was along her neck, breathing in her scent deeply. His breath was hot against her neck as he growled in pleasure. Then his lips were on hers. Kissing her deep and passionate. A small moan escaped her lips. Kai pulled her shirt over her head and started kissing every inch of exposed skin. 'I want you to wear that skirt while I am fucking you,’ one of his hands slid between her thighs, while the other grabbed Y/N’s breast and massaged it. ,Mine,’ his voice full of possession and lust, as he pushes deeply against Y/N’s wet core. 'Yes, I’m yours.’ She purred into his ear. Spurning him on and making him wilder than he already was. Kai looked deeply into Y/N’s eyes before turning her around and propping her ass up in the air. 'Look at my sweet girl,’ he whispered,’ so wet already…do you want me to fuck you?’ He grinned. Y/N could only nod. She was already filled to the brim with lust and she couldn’t take his teasing anymore. Without any warning she could feel Kai’s rock hard member entering her, stretching her out. Y/N cried out in surprise. He felt so good inside her. ’ oh yes! Fuck,’ he moaned into her ear. He lit a fire inside her that threatened to burn her inside out. ’ I bet not one of these guys could fuck you like I do,’ he whispered huskily into her ear. Kai’s pace fastened until it was almost bruising. Nothing was to be heard but they’re small moans and the sound of skin slapping against skin. It didn’t take the fire inside of Y/N very long. She could feel her skin being on fire already. 'Baby, I’m close.’ She whined. Kai grabbed her hair and forced her to look at him. ’ Cum for me, Y/N. I want you to look into my eyes when you’re cumming, got it?’ He growled again, triggering her approaching orgasm. Three more deep strokes and he had hit her sweet spot. Sending her into an mind-blowing orgasm. Y/N’ eyes were fixed on him. 'KAI!’ She cries out. He wasn’t breaking eye contact until he came inside of her. Kai moaned her name and was still holding onto her. 'You have to wear that skirt for me more often.’

Vs Clans

Alright, let’s go back to the jungle, shall we? Enjoy!


The dark jungle, despite its name, could be felt so alive as the sun’s rays find its ways through the densed trees, giving life to to its inhabitants. It was never too hot nor was it too cold here in Neverland. With its often vibrant blue sky on top of your head and the perfect temperature, oftentimes it would be a perfect weather for everything that you have planned out for the day. Well, most of the time. 

It did rain here in Neverland but only too rare for you that you could keep tabs of its periodicity. As far as you could remember, it rained at least once a month for the past few years. You never knew exactly how Neverland really worked. All you could assume that the rain was just a necessity here for the plants to live. 

“Y/n, so what’s your plan?” Tori, your most-trusted lost girl, asked in a hushed voice. 

Yes, that’s right. You have your very own clan of lost girls here in Neverland. Occasionally, you did wonder how you ended up here. All you could remember was that you threw a bean on the floor. The next thing you knew, you landed on this island. And you could still vividly remember the look Pan had worn on when he first saw you; absolute astonishment. It was then that you realized you made history to be the first girl to ever come to Neverland. 

At first, he took you in like he always did with other lost boys. He gave you a great place to sleep in, trained you to be like the lost boys and within a short period of time, you became his next trusted man (or girl) after Felix. It all went well… until he revealed his true colours. 

And that was when you decided to leave the camp. 

Soon after, his shadow started to bring in more girls into his team. Not really certain of why the change of recruitment but after knowing about this, you helped the girls to escape, with Tori being the first. As time passed, you managed to set all the girls free, thus creating a whole new clan of lost girls. 

It’s been some time since you rescued the last girl out of Pan’s camp. Guess he gave up after not being able to stop you from breaking the girls free. 

“Y/n. Y/n.” Tori called out, realising that you dazed out for a moment. 

With rapid eye blinking, you looked at Tori with a blank look. “Huh?” 

Tori leaned in closer as she spoke in a softer voice, making sure that you would now hear every word that she said. “What are we going to do now?” 

“Oh.” You rubbed your chin, as if thinking hard on the matter at hand. Finally, with a plan in mind, you whispered back to her. “Alright. Since the boys are out, we’ll sneak in and get back our stuffs. As for those two boys, we’ll just knock them out with poppies. Got it?” 

Tori nodded, fully understood of the instructions given. “Should I get the others?” 

“No. It’s too risky. I’m 100% sure that Pan knew we’ll be coming to his camp. I’m sure he’s put a trap somewhere. If there’s too many of us, it might alert Pan.” 


“Okay. On the count of three, we’ll get ready to sneak in.” Tori bowed down her head slightly.

“One… Two…” And off you two, walking as slowly as you can into Pan’s camp to avoid even the slightest snap of a small twig.

As you entered the camp, you stood behind a large tree as you watched the two boys sat by the fire ring where the blazing campfire would be ignited every night. 

“Got the poppies?” Tori asked in a low voice, lower than it was before.

You nodded while showing your handful of pink powder. You mouthed the numbers as you counted to three and on three, you threw the powder over to the boys. Successfully, the powder did its work, knocking them out into their deep slumber.

“Great. Use this basket.” You said as you emptied out a basket that was originally filled with the lost boys’ equipments. “Grab as much of our stuffs as you can and bring back to our camp.” You spoke with a normal voice, confident that it’s safe for the both of you.

Tori and yourself went off to seize back your items as much as possible that both of you were able to carry. As you went over to their weaponry area, a funny feeling hit you. But you were not able to point out exactly what it was. Not wanting to waste too much time wrapping your head around it, you pushed the feeling away. You continued to grab your weapons that Pan and the lost boys had stolen from your clan.

“Finally!” You said in excitement as you stared at your bow that was hung on the wall beside your dagger. Instantly, you grabbed your treasured weapon and hung it across your shoulder, along with your quiver that was filled with your handmade arrows.

“Y/n.” Tori said in a shaky voice. But your excitement overwhelmed you, thus causing you not to be able to hear Tori clearly. You continued to make yourself comfortable with your quiver and bow already on your shoulder.

“Y/n.” She repeated. 

“Yeah?” You turned to face her. To your surprise, Felix was having his arm around her neck while placing the blade of his knife right at her jugular vein. You looked around, realising that they had you surrounded. You were stunned for a moment, unknowing of what to do next. 

“Why so surprised, lass?” A husky voice was heard from the tree above you. Without looking up, you knew too well to whom it belongs to. Your left side of your faint red lip tugged upwards, creating a sinister smirk on your face.

“Who says I’m surprised?” You took a pause as you stared at his face who was then standing in front of you. “Pan.”

“Y/n.” Pan spoke in a high voice. “It’s been so long since I saw you. Never thought I would ever see you again.” 

Reflexively, you pulled out your dagger that was strapped to your waist and placed its tip on Pan’s heart. Instead of fear that you had expected to see, Pan kept a smile on his face. It was then that you had experienced an epiphany. 

“You knew I would come, didn’t you?” You questioned Pan with your voice gradually rising. “You never intended to steal from us. You knew I would come to get my bow back. It was all a trap!” 

Pan’s smirk told you that everything that you said was true. Anger started to burn in you. Your face turned red, trying to contain that burning fire. 

“Why so angry, love?” His words fueled your anger.

You furrowed your eyebrows, could not believed the rhetorical question that he just posed. Honestly, you are asking me that dumb question? 

“Come on, love. How else am I going to get you to come?”

“Why do you want me to come?” You spoke still with a risen voice, pushing your digger slightly inwards, though not harming Pan. 

“I want to talk.”

“What is there to talk-“ 

Before you could finish your sentence, something caught your attention from the corner of your eye. You could see Felix’s knife got too close to Tori’s neck, causing her neck to bleed slightly. Sense of worry starts to set in. Even though it was just a small injury, that’s your girl right there, someone you have always looked out like a dear sister. You will never allow anyone to harm her, even in the slightest bit. 

Your attention moved to Felix as you looked at him with darted eyes. He saw your fierce look, confirmed by his change of facial expression. "If you hurt my girl, Felix, you are going to get it from me." 

Felix cackled at your small threat, though he knew extremely well your capabilities and the extent of injury that you could inflict on others. No surprise he was as cocky as his smug leader.

"Look, love.” His voice pulled back your attention to him. “I just wanna talk." 

"What is there to talk about, Pan?” You spoke with a stern voice. 

“How about we talk alone, in the woods?” His raised eyebrows annoyed you. Ever since you left the camp and the boys, a talk with him had never turned out the way you expected. 

You looked down to the ground beneath, deliberating hard on whether you should honour his request, slowly putting down the knife away from Pan.

If you were to follow him into the woods, who knows what kind of harm he intended for you. And currently, your bow was slung across your shoulder, and not in your hands. To reach out for it now would only invite unnecessary attacks from his boys. 

But if you were to refuse him, you knew he and his boys would go battle you right at the spot where you were standing. Despite the fact that you could take Pan’s boys down easily, or perhaps with a slightly more effort, you always tried hard to not hurt these boys. They were not the ones at fault; Pan was. 

“Alright, fine. I’ll go with you." 

"No!” Tori screamed, still stuck in Felix’s grasp.

“Don’t worry, Tori. I can handle this.” You turned back to Pan, still standing in front if you. “But on one condition.”

“What is it?”

“Give back our stuffs and let her go." 

"That’s two conditions, love.” Pan spoke with his two fingers lifted.

“You’re seriously gonna bargain with me? That’s our stuffs in the first place and it was never yours to take. And Tori has nothing to do with the feud between us. Let. Her. Go.

“Yeah, you are right. Fine.” Pan looked at Felix as he tilted he gestured with his head, telling him to let her go.

Your eyes followed Tori’s steps while she collected all your stuffs and put them in the basket that you pointed out earlier. You could see fear in her eyes, afraid of what Pan might do to her esteemed leader. You shook your head, knowing exactly what’s in her mind. Calling out for the girls would be a bad idea and it would only create unnecessary mess.

You looked at her with stern eyes, reaffirming your point to Tori. Now that her facial expression had changed, you nodded, certained that she understood your instruction.

As you watched her struggling to carry that heavy basket, you voiced out. “Seriously, Felix? You are going to let her carry that on her own?”

Felix looked up to his leader, asking him what he should do. Pan nodded. “Go on, Felix.”

Understanding Pan’s signal, Felix carried the heavy load and walked into the woods, with Tori leading the way. Even though Felix can be quite cocky most of the times, you knew he is one to be trusted and you could expect no funny business from him, unlike Pan.

With them disappearing from sight, you turned your attention back to Pan. You looked at him with a what’s-next look.

“Boys, stand down.” The boys lowered their weapons. Those who were surrounded you from the higher grounds climbed down. Despite the feud, you smiled at the boys, especially to those familiar faces.

“Come with me.” Obediently, you followed behind Pan.

Feeling that you have reached a comfortable distance away from the hearing of others, you started to speak, stopping Pan from walking any further. “So, out with it.”

“Y/n. This rivalry, between us, it’s got to end.”

“It will only stop when you allow those who wished to leave, to get out of this bloody island.” You spoke with unwavering voice, making sure to get your message across.

“Love, you know that’s never going to happen.”

“Why not?!”

“The moment you step foot on this island, you will never be allowed to leave.” You tsk-ed at him, annoyed by his illogical answer.

“Why not? All you got to do is to allow it.”

“That’s the rule of Neverland, honey. Besides, what’s so bad about staying here? There’s no adults to tell you what to do, to say what is right and what is wrong. You got the freedom that you’ve always wanted. And you will never aged! Besides, isn’t that the reason why you are here in the first place?”

Pan’s words caught you speechless. As much as you don’t want to admit it, he did made a valid point. Because of the abandonment you felt, you left your town and hoped that the magic bean would bring you to a place where you can have your freedom and no worries. And that was what it did exactly when you landed in Neverland.

“Why so quiet, love? Cat got your tongue?”

“Shut up.” You snapped, not willing to admit that he was right. Your ego was in the way of that.

“Look, love. I just want this feud to end. Besides, there’s another clan on the ri-” Before he could finish, you interfered.

“What?! Another clan?” You cackled. “Ooh… I’m so going to enjoy this.”

Pan furrowed his eyebrow. “It’s not funny, love.”

“It is!” You continued laughing. But Pan was lost for words. “Who’s the leader of that clan and how many of them?”

“Mike.” You nodded, as expected. He’s one hot-headed guy, always chasing for power. No wonder he went off to start his own clan.

“Last I know, there was a few of them. And they are on the rise.”

“Come on, Pan. You can take them down so easily. You are the king of Neverland, for goodness sake.” But then, you realised Pan was lost for words. Why?

Growing impatient, you spoke again. “Tell me. What do you really want exactly?”

“I want you.”


Can I have him?

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Little Salvatore - Kai Parker

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Warnings- Smut

Request(s): I need something along the lines of yn being Stefan and Damon’s little sister and she’s like having sex with Kai or any character actually and they walk in and she’s riding him?? - Anon

fluffy kai smut is a MUST pleaseee!! - Anon



Kai lands on his back on the bed as you shed your body of its last remaining piece of clothing. Kai smirks and sits up, pulling you onto his lap with his large hand on your hips. He leans up and kisses you. You tangle your fingers in his hair as you moan into the kiss.

“You are so beautiful.” Kai sighs. His hands held you against him as you blush.

He kisses just under your jaw and down your neck. You put your hands on his shoulders and gasp quietly as he sucks dark marks into the skin of your neck. One of your hands trails down to his chest and you push slightly, sending him backwards onto the soft comforter.

“I like this Y/n.” Kai smirks. You smile and reach under your hips to line him up before sinking down slowly.

At first, you’re just getting used to the new position and Kai is totally still, being careful not to move incase he hurt you. You put your hands on his chest after a good two minutes of not moving and roll your hips just barely. Your eyes drift closed and you bite your lip.

“Fuck, if you do that I won’t last long.” Kai’s hands grip the sheets at his sides. You lift your hips slowly and then go back down, swiveling your hips when he’s all the way in and it makes both of you moan loudly.

“You feel so good.” You mumble as you start to ride him. You go slow in the beginning but slowly pick up the pace as you get used to it more.

“Kai,” You gasp after a good amount of time has passed and you start getting close. He opens his eyes and looks up at you, “Touch me.”

He does as you say and brings his hand down to press his thumb to your clit, not so hard and not so soft, just the way you need it to be. Kai moans, his thumb speeds up, you start grinding on him as much as you can, chasing your orgasm.

“Fuck, Y/n, fuck!” He curses loudly, voice breaking as his back arches under you. You push his hand away from you and rub your clit as fast as you can to find you release. Your body lock up when it hits you, tilting your head to the ceiling and arching your back in a silent scream.

You fall down beside him and he sits up to throw the condom away but lays back down next you.

“I am scarred.” You nearly scream and rush to throw the blanket over you as Kai put a pillow over his lap and looks towards the door where Damon and Stefan, your older brothers, were standing with shocked and disgusted expressions on their faces.

“Get out!” You scream, grabbing a pillow from behind you and chucking it across the room at them. They both run from the room like it’s on fire and Kai falls onto his back, head landing in your lap as he laughs.

“What’s so funny?” You ask.

“‘I am scarred’. I have finally completed my mission of scarring your older siblings.” You scoff and swat his chest, looking away from him.

“Plus,” He sits up, “You’re funny when you’re angry at them.”

“I hate you.” You turn to look at him. He pecks your lips.

“I love you too, baby.”

“Go to Hell.” “Don’t come near me or I swear I’ll kill you.” and “If you kill them, you’d better kill me too, because otherwise I’m going to kill you.”

Your eyelids were heavy as you began to regain consciousness.  While you collected the strength necessary to open your eyes you noticed that it felt like you had heavy bracelets around both of your wrists, and your ankles felt heavy as well.  Finally you were able to blink your eyes open but there wasn’t much to see.  The room was very dark, lit only by a few torches hanging around the rock walls.  Frowning you slowly started to get your bearings, and it became apparent that you weren’t in a room at all, but in a cave.

“Y/N?”  Kai’s voice pulled your attention to focus on where he was chained against a portion of the wall directly across from you.  His arms were held above his head by thick chains.  Blood dripped down his face from a cut just below his hairline on the side of his head.  His shirt was ripped in a multitude of places, revealing bruises and cuts to the flesh underneath it as well.

“Kai?”  The name weighed heavily on your tongue, and your voice sounded slow and distorted to your own ears.  How long had you been out for?  Twisting one of your wrists your eyes flashed down to look at what you had thought had been braclets, but were actually shackles of your own; binding you to a chair.

“Isn’t this cute.”  A new voice echoed through the cave.

Go to hell!”  Kai shouted at the figure emerging from the shadows.  You didn’t recognize the man, but Kai seemed to.  The man slowly clucked his tongue, crossing closely to Kai and landing a punch to his side before continuing to walk towards you.  Kai bent forward at the impact, wheezing briefly at the pain being hit in fresh cut had caused him.

As the man neared you you did your best to struggle away.  Obviously it did no good.  It only resulted in the metal of the shackles biting into the skin of your wrists and fresh blood to be shed.  But at least you tried something.  “Don’t come near me or I swear I’ll kill you.”  Your threat fell flat when your voice continued to crack throughout it.  The man didn’t even hesitate at your words, like he hadn’t even heard you threaten him.

He knelt behind you, rough fingers brushing your hair away from one side of your neck.  Kai let a loud growl rip from his throat, leaning as far forward as he could.  “If you kill them, you’d better kill me too, because otherwise I’m going to kill you.”  He spit out, trying once again to pull his wrists free from their prison.  Causing nothing more than loud metal on metal clashes to disrupt the quiet.  The man chuckled, his breath tickling your ear as he raises to his feet once more.

“Who said anything about killing?  You’re much more valuable to me alive.”  The smile that graced his face made your heart drop down to your toes.  “For now.”

First Love Part 1

Hey, guys! I was bored at work so here’s one! Okey, so this is just the first part. There will be a continuation to it. Sorry for the very long imagine! That’s me, being so long-winded.

In addition to that, I’ve decided to change to a 3rd point of view for my imagines, to make it feel more personal. Are you guys still in love with Pan/Robbie? I still do. ^.^

Happy holidays to all!! May you guys have a great year ahead! Enjoy the awful imagine, yeah?

“Welcome back, Pan.” A gruff voice welcomes you and Pan to Neverland as soon as you touched its soil. You looked to where the voice came from, only to see a boy with blonde hair and brown eyes, wearing a black cloak with the hood down.

“Hey, Felix.”

“Who do we have here?” Felix said, amused. His face says it all. Looks like Pan wasn’t lying; you are the first girl that Pan has ever brought to this island.

“Felix, this is y/n. She will be part of us now.” You put out your hand for a handshake as a gesture of courtesy, only to be pulled by Felix as he placed a kiss on it. Your heart flutters as he showed such chivalry to you.

“Y/n, this is Felix, my right-hand man; and my second-in-command.” Felix took a step back as you nod at him.

“Come, let me take you to the boys. They will be eager to see you.” Pan added as he walked towards the dark jungle.

You stopped as you start to think to yourself. Eager? Have they been waiting for your presence? Not wanting to be left behind, you quickly pushed those thoughts away as you run and wrap your arms around Pan. It was nothing special but being new on a strange island, Pan is the only one that you can trust.

Oh, so you thought.

Soon, the three of you reached the edge of a camp. Not too far in the distance, you could feel the heat from the fire that was burning from the middle of the camp site. As Pan pushed the tree branches out of the way, a group of boys of no more than 10 were throwing knives into the tree that stood nearby.

“Hey, boys!” Pan called out to them. They all turned to look at him with their face soon turned from calm to surprised as they saw you standing beside Pan, still with your hands wrapped around his. Starting to feel awkward, you pulled your hand away shyly. “I would like you to meet our newest member, y/n!”

Pan raised his bow that was hung across his shoulder and the boys cheered on. Not long after, you could see two boys walked over played a unanimous rhytm on the wooden drums. One by one, the lost boys danced to the beat, circling around the fire. You smiled as you see how happy the boys were.

Not long after, one of the lost boys pulled your hand in, asking you to join the celebration. You turned to look at Pan, not knowing what you should do. Pan let out his hand, gesturing you to join in the fun. You turned your head back to the lost boy and followed him into the circle. Slowly, you let your heart feel the rhythm and move your body to the beat. You let out a hearty laugh as freedom fills you up.


After seeing you feeling comfortable with the rest, Felix pulled Pan into the jungle, but not too far off from the camp site.

Pan looked at him with confusion. “What the hell?”

“What’s with the sudden change in the recruitment?” Felix asked while pointing his head towards you. Too busy dancing around the fire, you didn’t take much notice of their disappearance.

“Can’t I bring a girl in? It’s time for a change here.” Replied Pan as he shrugged his shoulders.

“There’s always something up with you, Pan. I’ve known you for hundreds of years. You think I would believe you that you bring her here just because “it’s time for a change”?“

Despite Pan’s authority in Neverland, he had never felt that his pride was challenged if Felix were to doubt his judgement. He knew that Felix had become more than just one of his lost boys. He became his best friend; someone he could always count on. When in doubt, it is Felix that he always look up to. Felix always make sure that Pan always wins. Always.
Silence fell through. For the first time after centuries, Pan was speechless. He always had an answer but for the first time tonight, he did not have the words to explain his actions. Without you realising it, he turned to look at you and slowly, he grinned as he watched you dance happily. Reading from Pan’s expression, Felix knew exactly what’s going on in his head, or his heart.

“Don’t tell me… you… liked her?” Pan looked at Felix with wide eyes, shocked by his statement. Could that be true? Is he really starting to fall for you? “Pan, you’ve been tailing her for years now. You even asked your shadow to keep an eye on her. Doesn’t that mean something?”

Pan grabbed Felix by his shirt and whispered close to his ear. Not sure of his own feelings, he could only say, “No one can know about those years.” He then let go of his grasp on Felix and brushed his shoulder; his way of saying sorry.

After dismissing his anger, he continued.“I need you to help her out; be her buddy. Tell her everything that she needs to know.”

“Got it.” Felix paused for a moment. “Where will she sleep?”

“Give her a new tent, slightly further from the boys. But not too far. Just enough to give her some privacy.” Felix nodded.


You watched as Pan and Felix came back from the jungle. Starting to feel a little thirsty, you withdrew yourself from the party and looked around, trying to find something to drink.

“What are you looking for, love?” Pan’s voice startled you. You placed your hand on your throat as your eyes roam around to spot anything that can quench your thirst.

Pan laid out his hand. In the blink of an eye, a cup of water appeared in his hand. Your once narrowed eyes became wide as you watched the little magic show.

Seeing how surprised you are, Pan spoke up. “Y/n, Neverland is a place which runs by imagination. All you got to do is think it..” He laid out his hand once again and an icy cold water appeared. “…and you will have it.”

“Here.” Pan added as he handed the cup to you.

Realising how thirsty you are, you gulp down the water and felt its coolness running down your throat.

“Better?” You nodded to Pan’s query. “Felix!”

Felix ran to Pan as his name was called out. “Yeah?”

“Y/n, Felix will show you your sleeping arrangement. Your tour around the island will start first thing tomorrow in the morning. If you need anything, you know how to call me.”

Before he left, he pushed your chin up and placed a kiss on your cheek. Feeling embarrassed, your eyes were on Felix who is looking a bit worried; not the kind of reaction you would expect.

Alternate Dimension: Honey

Hey there! I think I am not the only who wished to have a Peter Pan in their life, right? So, I decided to somewhat bring Neverland to the real world. Provide an alternate dimension to Peter Pan. Oh how I wish it was real….

Anywaaays… Enjoy!

School. Teachers would call it a place of knowledge, where its students would come to learn new things.

Well, that’s their point of view being an educator.

For you (and most of the other students), it’s way more than that. It’s the only place where teens like you could find power above others. Sounds like Neverland, really. Most of the times, it was achieved through fear. Kindness do exist, but that would be rare in this millennial; in this school at least. Everyone just want to be on top. Fame, popularity, who wouldn’t want that?

As far as you know it, you were an exception to that. Initially, of course you were tempted to gain that fame, to be known among the students. But after a month into your 10th grade, you decided popularity isn’t for you.

Back seats were meant for you. You wouldn’t speak up or volunteer yourself. All you wanted was to graduate from this school with a well-enough grade and no trouble along the way. One could say, being invisible is your niche. But then again, being very close friends with a famous guy was not helping you at all.

“Hey, y/n.” A gruffed voice greeted you as you pulled out those heavy books from your bag and placed it in your locker. Without looking up, you knew extremely well who that would be, your best friend.

“Hi, Felix.” You replied with a slightly upbeat voice.

You zipped up your bag and slammed the locker door. Typical problematic locker. You turned to Felix who was leaning his body against the locker beside.

“Any plans for tonight?” Felix asked.

You took a pause before deciding on your answer to his question, giving yourself some time to deliberate on whether you should go or not. Most of the time, you would just wish to stay at home and relax on that comfy couch. But then again, it has been too long since you spent time with Felix. Especially with him busy training for the school’s basketball team.


“Pan’s having a party at his house. He asked me to invite you along.”

“Felix…” Before you could turn down his offer, he interrupted.

“Come on! It’s been so long since we got to hang out.”

“Of course, with your training getting in the way and you being such buddies with Pan…” It might have sounded as if you were jealous but you were actually not. You knew very well that no matter who else Felix was being good friends with, your close bond with Felix could never be broken. You could always count on him if you ever need a listening ear. That was one thing you have always admired about Felix.

Silence filled the air between you as you thought hard of your decision.

“Come on, honey.” That’s Felix’s nickname for you.

“Alright, fine! I’ll go. But you must promise me not to leave me alone. The moment you do that, I’ll find my own ride home.”

“Yayy!” He jumped for joy, like a kid that was just given a candy. “We wouldn’t want that… If anything ever happened to you, Dad would kill me for sure.”

You raised your eyebrows as you gave him that ‘you-know-it’ look.

“Alright! I’ll pick you up at 7. Don’t be late!” His voice fades away as he ran for the exit.

As soon as he disapperard from your sight, you had a monologue with yourself.

Why would Pan invite me? He doesn’t even know me. I am a nobody.

Nahh… Maybe he is just inviting the whole school.

After you made a self-conclusion, you shrugged and head home.


A whistling sound was heard from your phone, indicating that a message had just came in. You opened it to find one from Felix.

Reaching in 5. -F

You tossed your phone on your bed as you reached for your denim jacket in your wardrobe. After a good long look in the mirror, and a little bit of touching up, you tied up the shoelace on your sneakers and head down to the living room to find Felix talking to your dad. Your footsteps down the stairs interrupted their conversation as their head turned to you. “Oh, there you are, y/n.”

“Hey, Dad… I’ll be home late.”

“Alright, just make sure not too late. Don’t forget your keys.” He placed your home keys in your hand before he turned to Felix. “And, Felix. Y/n is your responsibility for the next few hours. Make sure you take good care of her, alright? And make sure she comes back safe and sound.”

Felix smiled before replying, “Don’t worry, Dad. I will.”

Felix calling your father as his own was not something unusual. You were so exceptionally close to Felix that you and your family treated him like their own. And his family have always treated you like you are a part of them. In fact, with one glance, most would think you and Felix were siblings just by looking at how close your bond was. You felt lucky to have such a good friend who have stuck by you all these years.

“Ready to go?” Felix directed the question to you.

“Bye, Mom! Bye, Dad!” You said as you gave a kiss on your parents’ cheeks before heading out.

Before you could open the door to a silver grey car that was parked at your driveway, Felix stopped you and opened the door to the passanger seat, like a gentleman would do for his lady. What’s got into him?

As you placed a foot inside, you realised Felix’s gaze has never left you ever since the both of you stepped out of the house. “Why are you staring at me like that?”

“Nothing. It’s just… you look different than usual.”

“What’s different? It’s just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.”

“Even so… still much better than your oversized tees.”

You shook your head at his ridiculous explanation and took your place at the passenger seat. Felix closed the door beside you and ran around the car to his driver’s seat. He turned the keys and the engines started to roar. Watching him fastening his seat belt, you followed suit.

Pan’s house was not too far from yours. Just a 20-min drive would suffice. Despite the short travelling time, you decided to ask Felix of the long-awaited question that has been running in your mind since that afternoon.

“Why did Pan asked you to invite me personally? Can’t he just invite me himself like the rest of the school?” Your voice breaks the silence in the car as you looked at him. His eyes stayed glued on the road.

It took Felix a while before he could answer. “I don’t know… Maybe he just wanted to know who my best friends are?”

“We were in the same class since second grade! How could he not know me at the very least, even if he doesn’t know that you are my best friend?” Before you could stop yourself, you realised that you have risen your voice slightly.

“Wowww giiirl… Relax.”

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to.”

“Hahah! Nothin to worry about, honey. But you did told me you had a crush on him since fifth grade. So just take this chance to get to know him better, aite?”

Your eyes widened at his latest statement. “Heyyyy… No one else is supposed to know about that. I was so naive back then… Anyway… his famous now. Good looks. Charming. A little bit of that bad boy attitude. Most of the girls in school are all eyeing to be his girlfriend.” In your mind, you started to question how did you even started to have any feelings for him.

“You included?”

“Nope. Compete with those cheerleaders? Forget it. Just let me step back and enjoy the rest of my senior years being invisible.”

“Honey, you are my best friend. You can’t be invisible.”

“Yeah… I figured that. They have been calling me ‘Felix’s friend’ and made me help them get a date with you.”

“Sorry about that, honey.” He said as he let out a chuckle.

You smiled as you turned to look out to the road. With the windows downs and the winds blowing through your hair, you placed your hands on the ledge and rested your chin on it for the rest of the journey.

“We’re here!” Felix exclaimed as he parked his car two blocks away from Pan’s house.

From a distance, you could see exceptionally bright lights shining from a huge house. That’s one big party that Pan has thrown to welcome the weekends.

Loud music hit your eardrums as you got closer to his abode. With a brush of your hand, you quickly re-do your hair. It must have been very messy after that session of hair-blowing in the car.

“Let’s go in.”

With you being an introvert and not used to such a huge crowd, a sense of insecurity started to fill you. You wrapped your hands around Felix’s arms and followed behind him as he shoved through the crowded living room.

After all that pushing and shoving, you found yourself standing by the outdoor pool. You did a quick turn to admire the architectural beauty of his home. Despite knowing him since young, you had never step foot inside his home. He is SO rich! That must be an added reason he was so famous in school. You made a quick note to yourself that with all this wealth, all the more reason you should stay away from him. Don’t want any cat fights with the girls in the school.

Your eyes stopped at a shelter nearby where a familiar stature was leaning on the countertop with a drink in his hand. Straightaway, you recognised him to be the owner of this home, or at least the son to its owners.

Felix started to make a move towads Pan. Butterflies started to fly around in your stomach. Even though those feelings that you had for him was years ago, meeting with the most well-known student in school still send chills down your spine.

You pulled Felix back and shook your head, telling him that you don’t want to go over to the famous Peter Pan.

“Come on. Don’t be shy.” Felix winked. Since he is much stronger than you, pulling him back wouldn’t stop him. In the end, you obliged but got yourself getting closer to him and hugging his arms even tighter.

“Hey, Pan!” Felix called out and waved his hands from a distance. Nearer to him, he shook his hands and they hit each other with their shoulder, greeting each other with the common bro hug. Felix did the same to the other three boys that were standing with Pan.

Never did you realise that your hands were still wrapped around Felix’s arms.

“Oh. Hi, y/n.” Pan smiled as his eyes landed on you.

Still feeling that wings flapping around in your stomach, you presented a sweet smile to him.

“Sorry. She’s a little shy.” You pulled Felix’s sleeves, embarrased by his words.

“Don’t worry, y/n. I don’t bite.”

“Honey, why don’t you wait here for a while while I go get us some drinks?”

Before you could stop him, he ran into the house back to the living room, where you saw the food and drinks earlier while you were finding your way around the house. You felt like hopping on a ride home but you were standing with Pan. How could one ever walk out of the famous Peter Pan?

“See ya later, Pan.” Said the three boys who started to walk away. Now, left the two of you alone to converse. Those wings weren’t much of a help for you.

“So… y/n. How are you?” Pan started the conversation.

“Oh. Urmm… Fine. Absolutely fine.

Seriously, y/n? No other words than ‘absolutely’? You scolded yourself in your heart.

“That’s good.”

“Urmm… How about you?” You returned him with the same question, recalled of the 101 tips that was taught in social etiquette class.

“I’m good too, actually. Never been better.” He said as he raised his both hands, showing his physical attributes to you. No matter how much you tried, you could not stop thinking of how good he looks right now, despite him just wearing a t-shirt that says “Party Rocks” along with a pair of jeans and a jacket to protect him from the cold wind.

“Anywaay… what’s with Felix calling you 'Honey’?”

“That was just nothing. It’s just a nickname he had for me since we were kids.”

“Oh. I thought you are his girlfriend, looking at how close you guys were. Though, it was quite weird that he would tell me of all the girlfriends he had but never really talked about you being his lover. Thought he had finally got over that Stacy girl.”

You laughed at Pan’s words, ridiculing at his statement. You could not believe the assumption he made about you and Felix. “Felix and I are just best friends. Really good friends. Don’t think loving each other as a couple was ever in our dictionary.”

“Oh… that’s great.” You could see Pan smiling. But his expression made your smile fade away, feeling that he has a hidden agenda.

“Why would it be great?”

“Oh, nothing.”

The next moment, you realised he was getting too close to you as he placed his mouth near to your ears. Feeling his breath against your skin, he whispered, “You look cute, by the way. Can I call you Honey too?”

Taken by surprise, you took a step back. Your wide eyes gazed into his deep olive-green eyes as you wondered what he meant by that.

Before you could reply him, Felix walked towards you with two drinks in his hand. Still in shock, you slowly grabbed the cup from Felix’s hand that was handed out to you while your mind was still wrapped around Pan’s words.

“I’ll take that as a yes then.” Said Pan as he winked at you.

“What are you guys talking about?” Felix wondered as he took a sip from his cup.

“Nothing!” Your sudden risen voice took Felix by surprise.

“Relax girl. I was just asking.”

You gave him the sincerest smile that you could possibly do, trying to tell him that your conversation with Pan earlier was nothing much of importance for him to care about.

As Felix and Pan started to converse with one another, you faithfully stood beside Felix and followed them wherever they goes. When they decided to take a seat at the chair that was placed slightly further from the crowd, you followed suit.

Despite being side by side with them, you could not hear much of their conversation. Or mainly, you could not understand what they were talking about. Boys.

For the first few times, you tried to follow along their conversation, asking them questions along the way. After a few failed attempts, you decided to just switch off your hearing and just stared into the night sky, something that you usually do when you were feeling down or bored.

Occasionally, you took a sip of your drink and looked at your watch every now and then, secretly hoping that this night, which seemed unbelievably longer than usual, would end real soon.

An hour in, Felix received a call and stepped slightly further away, leaving the two of you together once again. Not wanting to go through that awkward feeling again, you took out your phone from your pocket and scrolled through your social media; from instagram, to twitter, to facebook, and back again till Felix came back.

Felix’s change of expression clearly shows that something bad has happened.

“What’s wrong?” You asked him.

“Stacy… she’s got into some trouble.” He took a pause before he said his real worry. “But how are you getting home? I promised Dad.”

In silence, your heart leaped for joy. Finally, you are going home! Though, you did feel bad for Felix. Stacy might be pretty but her attitude doesn’t speak the same.

“Don’t worry about me. I can find my ride home. I can just call Dad to pick me up or take a cab homep.”

“What are you talking about? I can drive you home.” Pan’s voice made the both of you turned to look at him in shock.

“You sure about that, Pan?”

“Yeah, why not? It’s just not too far, right?”

“But Pan… it’s fine. I can just call a cab home.” You tried to persuade them but it seemed like it just fall into deaf ears.

“Thanks Pan! I owe you big time!” Felix’s voice starts to fade as he sprint for his car.

“But Felix!” You shouted for him.

“Don’t worry, honey! I will text Dad about this!” You could barely his last words before his car zooms off into the middle of the road.

With Felix gone from sight, you turned to Pan with a disheartened look. “Honestly, Pan… you don’t have to. I can just call a cab home. Or even get an uber.”

“What?! Uber? Do you know how dangerous it is for a girl like you taking a stranger’s car? What if something happened to you? How am I going to answer Felix, or your parents for that matter?”

“But Pan, you are the host of the party. You should be here the whole time.”

“Nahhh… who cares. I will just be gone for a short while. They wouldn’t even realise that I went out. Anyway, my caretaker can help to ensure things don’t get out hand.”

“If I keep on protesting, it just won’t do any good, right?” Pan gave you a cheeky smile. “Alright… fine… Sorry for the trouble.”

“No worries about it! I consider it as an honour. Come, let me take you to my car.” He said as he held out his hand for you. Reluctantly, you placed your hand on his.

Pan pulled you along and you followed his every footsteps. After all the bulldozing through the crowd, you found yourself standing in the car garage that was located in the basement of his mansion. You stared at every corner and judging by the size of it, you estimated that it could fit at least four cars inside.

“Don’t just stand there, honey. Get in.” He opened the door to the passenger’s seat for you to get in.

You turned to see him standing by a black Audi. It was only then that you realised you were drooling over the luxurious decor (metaphorically, of course). Not to mention the expensive cars that was kept securely in this garage.

“He is filthy rich.” You whispered to yourself, just loud enough for your own hearing.

“What’s that?”

“Oh, nothing.” You quickly walked up to him and went into the car to avoid any follow-up questions.

Before you could fasten your seatbelt, Pan went over to you from his driver’s seat and pulled down the seatbelt. With his face just inches away from yours, you felt as if your breath was taken away from you. You gazed deep into his green eyes. Your heart started to beat faster than it ever was, as if you had just completed a marathon. His warm breath hit your face and you felt as if time had stopped for a moment.

Starting to feel that giant butterfly coming back in your stomach, you let out a cough, bringing Pan back to reality. Realising that he had been staring at you for too long, he quickly buckled up your seatbelt and went back to his seat. He turned the engine on. With the roaring sound filling the garage, he stepped on the pedal and drives the car out of the driveway to the main road.

While he was driving, you took a quick look from the corner of your eyes. You noticed that he was not the boy you used to had a crush on back in the past. He has grown so much, like you, only more handsome and charming. No wonder girls in your school were queuing up to be his girlfriend, hoping to be his true love.

Soon after, his car stopped in front of your house. He quickly ran out of his driver’s seat and opened the door for you. No matter how much you wanted to deny it, you were slightly moved by his actions.

“Thanks for the ride home.” You said as you stepped out of the car. Your first words to Pan ever since you got into the car.

“No worries about it. As long as I can get you home safe, nothing is too much of a trouble for me.”

As you started to make a beeline towards your house, a question popped into your head. You turned back to face him. “How did you know where my house is?”

Honey, I’ve known you since second grade. We used to take the same bus to school, remember?”

You were taken aback by his reply. “But that was ages ago. I can’t believe you still remember that.”

“I remember all the things about cool people. I think you’re cool.”

You smiled sheepishly at Pan.

Before you walked away, you gave him a kiss on the cheeks and said “Thanks”, leaving Pan with a wide smile on his face.

Felt satisfied, you skipped happily back into the house, like a little girl who was just given a new doll to add to her tea party. It was only then did your realise that you had never so high before.

With a heart over the moon, you walked into your home with a huge smile. Your smile got wider as you heard his car drive off from your home.

Pan… why did you make me feel this way about you all over again?

Secretly wishing for it to happen to us?

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