kay is very excited

EXO Reactions: You purposely not wearing a bra


*Lu begins to play in the background*



You:”You like what yu see?”






“Control yourself Kris..”


*Excited dance*


He likes it very much.


“Naughty girl~..”


*Gives you bedroom eyes*




“Darling do you not have any bras? here,i’ll buy some for you.”

*Hands you his card*

How about

1. What if new guy’s actually a setter? What if he’s really really good? What if Kageyama gets the chance to work with him and learn a lot from him and improve his tosses a bunch and??

2. But what if new guy’s Hinata 2.0 instead? What if he’s actually a wing spiker? What if he’s, on top of being smol, also really insanely fast and jumps high? What if Kageyama’s put in a combo with him? What if he can give him the King’s Toss and it totally works out?? WHAT IF!!

Hi y'all! I’m Kai, and I am very excited to write with everyone! I will eventually get a plot connections page up, but for now I’ll give a little about Emma so if anyone wants to come chat about her and your character, you have a little to go on.

Up until recently Emma sat on the higher end of society, mostly because her father was parading as a pure blood from a different country, but when the truth came out (he’s a muggleborn and left her mom taking all of their money), her family’s reputation began slowly circling the drain. She’s always been chaotic, but lately it’s gotten much worse. She plays a beater on the quidditch team (I’m not sure how to go about that but I’ll write the admins). She’s snarky and sassy and still is holding on to what is left of her old life.

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling. Please, please don’t be afraid to send me a message!

Kitten time

Kaillin was happily in his kitten space. He’d been that way since he’d gotten in the car. He’d insisted that he be placed in a cage in the car cause kittens don’t ride on the seats. He had ollie cover him up with a blanket so no one could see. He had special panties that allowed his hutt plug to show through. Amatis had them and kaillin had ordered some after seeing hers. He was excited to get to play with his friend. When they stopped he allowed oliver to place his leash on him and crawled out, meowing. Jason opened the door and smiled. “Hello little Kai. Amatis is very excited to see you.” She scurried in, dragging ashton on her lead. She had just been taken outside. Kaillin meowed and nuzzled into her. He and ollie had decided a wink would be his asking if anything was okay. He wanted off his leash but Jason shook his head. “No no. Kittens go in their cage while humans cook.” Kaillin whined, not quite understanding what he said. “I have an extra cage for Kai ollie.” He lead them to their cages.

Kai was very excited to see me today. As soon as I opened the door he hopped up to greet me! I had to literally step over him to get inside lol. He’s slowly growing used to his new enclosure and reverting back to his good ol’ self :)