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A scenario where McCree finds out the new recruit has the biggest crush on him and he/she is extremely nervous around him and barely dares to look him in the eye. Also they have like... Posters of him or something

omg. (neutral pronouns since I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to pick or explicitly not pick) I also wrote an open ending because WHY NOT

“McCree, these are our new trainees. Try not to annoy them too much” Morrison sighed, gesturing towards several recruits who stood patiently at the door. “And this one’s yours, recruit Smith. If I get any complaints I’ll have your head.”

“Sure old man, I got it.” Jesse grinned, dodging Morrison’s nudge, and walked over to his newest team member, a slight swag in his hips and a spark in his eyes. “Ay, so I guess we’ll be working together, huh?” 

They didn’t say anything, mouth hanging open instead. Their eyes were pretty, but wide and scared. From behind him, Jesse could hear Morrison sigh again, then turning to another agent and instructing them on their recruits. 

“…alright” Jesse said into the awkward silence, nodding into the direction of his office. “Let me show you around.”

Following him like a silent shadow, Smith hung on his lips with every word he said, but didn’t dare say more than a stammered “th-thank you” and “o-okay”. They looked flustered, and Jesse started to wonder how they were supposed to get any missions done when his newest team addition couldn’t even look him in the eye. 

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