kay frank


Everytime I see Chris play a role different than Kai, I imagine the exactly same scene but with Kai… What would happen …?

[ I know that many gifs were made on this scene but not really the way I wanted so… I made them… :’) ]  - My apologies if there are mistakes of spelling, I’m french ^^


The Complete Wings Series Compilation

I had this idea a long time ago and only finished it now. What a relief!

  • karen: tell me, frank, exactly what you were doing before i got home
  • frank: alright, well, i-i was upstairs
  • karen: okay
  • frank: i was,uh, i was sitting in my room
  • karen: yes
  • frank: reading a book
  • karen: go on
  • frank: and, uh, well this guy walked in
  • karen: 'kay
  • frank: so i went up to him
  • karen: yes
  • frank: and i, uh, i stabbed him 37 times in the chest
  • karen:
  • karen: fraaannnkkk, that kills people

I made Gerard Way as a Disney princess