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for your consideration: yoga instructor Doc who, when it’s the season for it, has his yoga classes out on the beach in a nice private area where no one will bother them unless someone is a merman who’s going to sneak a peek

also, can i just say, to the fic writers who can consistently write Donut and all his amazing blatant double entendres, holy shit, glass toast and hat tip to you because making everything he says a double entendre is a fucking ARTFORM that I just do NOT have the easy talent for holy shit like it’s embarrassing how long it took for me to come up with that

why is it that every new facecanon and first time drawing of one of the characters that happens is through this au tho like why me why

its even funnier because like it’s supposed to be a beginning class for yoga but like that pose is actually apparently mid to higher level but look i needed something that would show off kai’s insane flexibility

The Crown of the Pharaoh

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Purple is associated with royalty. It symbolizes power, nobility, luxury, and even ambition. It conveys wealth and extravagance. Purple is associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic. 

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Everytime I see Chris play a role different than Kai, I imagine the exactly same scene but with Kai… What would happen …?

[ I know that many gifs were made on this scene but not really the way I wanted so… I made them… :’) ]  - My apologies if there are mistakes of spelling, I’m french ^^


The Complete Wings Series Compilation

I had this idea a long time ago and only finished it now. What a relief!

An Apology

Leo caught Frank just before the son of mars headed into his cabin. “Hold up.” The Latino said, and Frank stopped just at the door. He turned to Leo. “Oh…Hey, Leo…What’s up?”
Leo awkwardly looked away. “Uh…Well…Y'see…We gotta talk about stuff.”
“Yeah. Like our relationship.” Leo looked at him again, then the smaller boy’s eyes widened and he quickly shook his head and waved his hands. “N-No not like that! It isn’t gay! I promise, it isn’t gay.”
“O….Kay?” Frank raised a brow. Leo didn’t usually talk to him unless it was to tease him. Well, at least, that’s what Leo was like before. Leo seemed to have changed a bit since he’d returned from the dead. It was probably Calypso teaching him how to be a decent human being and keeping him grounded.
“Look.” Leo huffed and then stared at the ground. “I uh…I wanted to thank you…You really saved my ass a few times…”
Frank blinked. Leo was THANKING him? “Uh…You’re welcome?”
“And…And I’m sorry.”
“I was a real dick.” Leo sighed. “I was just a bully to you…And you didn’t deserve that. See…I was jealous…Everyone seemed to like you more than they liked me…I mean I can see why, with my attitude and all…And I was also going through some other stuff and I guess I took that out on you. I’m sorry.” Leo finally looked up at him. Frank stared at the smaller boy for a few moments before hugging him. “It’s fine.” He mumbled. “But maybe if something’s bothering you, you should talk to someone instead of taking it out on people. I’ll be that someone you can talk to, if you want.”
Leo’s eyes widened. “Um…O-Okay…”
Frank smiled. “Guess this is kinda gay.”
Leo laughed. “Yeah, kinda.”

Frank gets Gee high pt2

Frank closed the sliding glass door behind him, before sitting next to his boyfriend. “Okay, baby, I want you to try this, if you don’t like it, I won’t make you have anymore hits, okay?”

Gee, still confused, just nodded. “’Kay ‘kay, daddy.”

Frank held the lighter to the weed, as he inhaled, his finger over the hole, he let it off and on, to get the oxygen to it. He pulled away, holding the smoke in for a little, before inhaling, then exhaled the smoke. A little cough was let out, but nothing major.”Here you go, baby boy.” The lighter and pipe were both handed to the little.

 Gerard accepted it, but looked up at Frank in confusion, he knew what it was, his daddy smokes weed a lot, but he didn’t know how to do it. “Put your lips around here, pumpkin.” Frank instructed, and Gerard did as he was told again. “Now, you’re gonna put your finger on the hole, as you light it, and inhale. Then you’re gonna let your finger off and on, to get oxygen to it, okay? Then, you’re gonna inhale it, it might make you cough, but that’s okay. It means it’s actually gonna get you high.” 

  The little boy nodded, understanding the concept now, he followed all the steps Frank had instructed. And boy was his daddy right, when Gerard blew the smoke out, he started coughing loudly.

 Frank chuckled, “It’s okay, baby. I know it burns your throat a little. But it’s not too bad, is it?” 

 “Nuh uh, dada.” Gerard replied. before looking up again, “We gonna do this more now?” 

  “Yeah, prince, will do it more.” 

   Frank lit the pipe for Gee again, and then took another hit himself. 

  By the time it was ten, the little was stoned off his ass, laughing and giggling at nearly everything Frank did or said. Frank chuckled through his nose a little, “Gettin’ sleepy, little man?” 

 Gee just nodded, and lifted his arms. 

  Frank knew what that meant, and carried his little baby to his bedroom, where, after Frank put everything away, he laid next to him, pulling him close. 

  “My stoner baby.” He whispered in his ear.

   Soon, they were both asleep.