kay draws a thing


The Blessed Messiah and the tower of Ai - Ver. Fatesona

HELLO YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS FIRST OF ALL and don’t forget to click for a better quality

I’m sorry for making you suffer but i like it. It’s been a while since i did this

Lmao i forgot to edit the first picture with a part of the messiah

So here’s the casting : @sakudrew (Brandon), @rlynsss (Lyn), @tacticianwinter (Winter), @belowtheraedar (Rae), @oreowarrior (Floran), @lilleilder (Agathe), @soundlessroom (Denna), @jisunshines (Liefe), @krazehkai (Kai), @happywonderfuldays (Mai)

I don’t know who is the amazing person behind this, but I’ll surely try to find them because holy Asahi this is just… wow.


Sometimes it makes things hard, but Kuroo doesn’t really mind


Crushes can get frustrating, sometimes

Every now and then I think about my oldest oc, and try and redesign her. She was basically a self insert, so she doesn’t have much of a story for her own, but sometimes I try and come up with some ideas for her. These are my favorite designs so far.


dump 53 | fox prince au

a bit of back story

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dump 49 | hitmen au

it’s the hitmen au but they’re hunters of very supernatural beings plaguing the natural

okay okay guyyss!! i was just so inspired last night that i had to do this!!!! can you feel me?? can yoOU FEEL MEEEE??!! THE POTENTIAL!! i’ll probably do some character designs for them but who knows right