kay done

sorry for taking long i’m a lazy ass ;) anywho @noczernv i answered

okay basically you answer 11 questions, tag 11 people and make up your own set of questions isn’t this gonna be fun ;)

1. what r ur aesthetics (This is v important)

• the night sky


• wolves

2. what r ur aspirations in life lol’

to live life to the fullest / find a best friend

3. if you could bring a dead character back to life who would it be?

bruh umm

4. favorite tv shows?

Okay currently

the 100


teen titans

5. top five favorite bands/artists

painc! At the disco

twenty one pilots

mariana & the diamonds

arctic monkeys

lana del rey

6. if you had a million$$$ what would u do

travel the world & buy a small apartment

7. ppl that you look up to/just make you happy?

•  gah idk probs people who love adventures & talking to low,selia,& you make me happy

8. adam parrish is bisexual agree or disagree (agree)

obviously probs had a crush on gansey tbh at some point

9. a happy memory u have idk

I had went out at night once to sit on a wall near my home and at some point my friend came out and joined me and I shared the music I like and it was really peaceful

10. have u read trc??? ;))))

on dream thieves ;)

11. favorite candy bc candy is amazing

all that Mexican candy <3333


My Questions

1. What things do you do to kill time?

2.  What are some things that make you burst with joy?

3. Some of ya fandoms? 

4.  Your Hogwart house?

5.  How would you describe your music taste?

6. How would you describe yourself ?

7. Any secret talents you have?

8. What are some of your dreams?

9.  Favorite animals?

10. Any obsessions you have currently? 

11. Any goals you set yourself this year?

i tag : @midnightdreamsx @stunninghell @blueseyberries @thebooknymph @cabeswter @vespertilies @paternalpadfoot @isabellelaightwood @laurelance @finnickeodair @ravens-reyes

btw most of these blogs i adore and wanna know more about them <33