kay barrett

honor both and release what doesn’t serve you. hold your ancestors close and their intentions even closer. remember: self-love is an artistic and community investment. you don’t have to inherit trends of heartbreak, you can undo them too. the broken in you can be beautiful. allow those to love you when you are lost/hurt/grieving. to embrace your limitations and your goals are strengths not to be ignored. being as present as possible is unlearning colonization.
—  kay ulanday barrett
That level of hope challenges the idea of the individual as alone, sovereign, or separate and that denies the ancestral and innate connection to earth. That’s constant work and by proxy, Brown Disabled Queer work. The Body-story in my work is an optimal catalyst in poetry, a means of re-mapping to re-evaluate the body and spirit on our own terms. Make a home of your body, I tell myself. Make it yours and make it beyond.

– Kay Ulanday Barrett/@brownroundboi, from Apogee Journal interview, “Feeling Our Possible Volume”