kay ..i'll just leave this here

fic recs;

this mainly is done for heyxiumin (cause the first thing i saw on my dash was the post about needing new fics) but so many people on my dash asked for fics so everyone is more than welcome to reblog this, use this and all that stuff; there won’t be many fics here but i just picked my favorites ones so hopefully you all will love them!

1. Shape of My Heart - Kai/Kyungsoo, hitman au (i love this so much oh my fucking god)

2. Enemies Beware - Chanyeol/Chen, vampires and werewolves au (this is full of fluff. i love it)

3. Lost forever - Chanyeol/Baekhyun, best friends au (a bit misleading at first and kinda angsty, but with a happy end)

4. Fan - Kai/Sehun, comic book shop and rockband au (shameless promotion of my own translation lmao)

5. If The Police Ask - Chanyeol/Baekhyun, age difference au (full of pining Baek and impossibly good Channi and this is really good pls have a read)

6. Permanent - Chanyeol/Baekhyun, college au (i wish this would have never ended i love it so much)

7. Nothing to lose - Suho/Sehun, alpha/omega au (abuse is mentioned here if you squint, but really its mostly fluffy)

8. We ain’t got nothing to fear tonight - Kris/Suho, BODYGUARD AU FUCK YEAH

Now I just wanna recommend some great authors whose works you should definitely check out:

baeconandeggs (chanbaek, mostly)

wildjinx (chanyeol/chen mostly, but also suho in most of the fics)

lattelotus (kaisoo, but also other pairings)