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Just The Eva Essays, Please

My personal Eva Meta tag, “Neon Genesis Evangelion” is starting to grow kind of large, so I’m making a masterpost of my Evangelion Essays in one post. Other essays from other analysts will be done later. If there is something that I have missed that may have been proven or disproved, in source material (in interviews or scripts), please tell me so and I will gladly change whatever. If you are giving me a link to the source material, I ask that you please offer a safe link.

These posts have been tagged accordingly, (Asushin posts tagged with Asushin, Kawoshin tagged, Kawoshin, etc. if regarding a pairing).

Specified Character-Centric Essays

Beyond Characters: Among Other Things


Evangelion Merchandise Examples

Evangelion Pachinko: Bridal Scene



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anonymous asked:

what do u think is the more accurate interpretation of kaworu? that unconditional love doesnt exist or that opening your heart to others is worth the pain it may cause u later on...

Hoo boy this is something I haven’t thought about in a while. Thank you for the question, by the way! :D

Okay, so Short Answer: In regard to the original anime, I’ve always felt it was the former: that Kaworu represented unconditional love to Shinji. In regard to the interpretation about opening one’s heart, I honestly don’t think that works at all in regard to the original series. It might end up applying to the Rebuilds depending on how 3.0+1.0 goes, but at the present time I personally don’t think so.

Now for the Long Answer, because I don’t possess the ability to shut up:

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will i ever draw these two not being gay? …probably not

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