There’s Kaworu.

“This time, I’ll definitely… make you happy.”

Those complete and utter trolls. Those despicable, ruthless scoundrels. Those deplorable, repugnant bastards.


Alright. Crises averted. Kaworu skewered the Yui/Shinji/Rei collective with the Lance of Longinus. Third Impact has been completely and utterly canceled. It was stopped moments before it could begin.

Mind you, this is a POST CREDITS SCENE. Those utter bastards.

I of course mean those insults with every ounce of endearment I can muster. <3

So. “This time.” I was suspicious, before. Kaworu did have some weird phrasing in his earlier scenes. But this convinces me.

I’m pretty sure Kaworu remembers the events of the show.


Turns out I had a complete misunderstanding as to where this room is. I could have sworn it was in that pyramid…

Anyway, this is the part where Kaworu drop-kicks the Angel from orbit, right?

Oooh, this is the part where Shinji drop-kicks the Angel from the surface.

However, it could also be the part where Shinji and Kaworu drop-kick the Angel in a tag-team combo. That is equally acceptable.