kaworu replies

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHhnnnnnnggg oh my god guys!!! ThaNK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR THESE NICE MESSAGES!! I know Im replying pretty late with some of these and Im really sorry for that! Ive been all over the place recently x7x

Just know that every one of your messages makes me so happy, you have no idea! They truly mean a lot to me and motivate me tremendeousely!!

 ❤ I’d hug the crap out of every single one of you if I could  \(Q7Q)/  ❤

when shinji and kaworu started dating he would greet anyone with, “hello! did you know shinji-kun and i are dating?” until shinji noticed people started staring at him in the hallways and asked kaworu if he knew what was going on, to which kaworu would reply, “i told everyone we’re dating–is that wrong?” while holding his hand and shinji just blushed and told him that it’s okay