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when shinji and kaworu started dating he would greet anyone with, “hello! did you know shinji-kun and i are dating?” until shinji noticed people started staring at him in the hallways and asked kaworu if he knew what was going on, to which kaworu would reply, “i told everyone we’re dating–is that wrong?” while holding his hand and shinji just blushed and told him that it’s okay

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By popular demand. Kawotrio crack. 

“Is he still staring at me?” Kaji asked through a ventriloquist-grade murmur.

Maya sent a quick glance out of her peripheral vision. “Yeah… oh wait, no, he’s not there anymore.” Both of them relaxed the rigid postures they’d been holding.

“The trick must be not making eye contact, then.”

Maya nodded. “Like a Pokémon trainer.”



Kaji spent the next few seconds of awkward silence to assemble his escape route. “Right, well, I should be getting along. Gotta go bother Misato before she leaves for the day.”

“Right.” Maya made a point of giving him an over exaggerated wink. “See you later, then.”

Kaji loped off to the nearest exit, feeling like he’d pulled at least a thin cover of security around him for now, but that was quickly blown away when he crossed the threshold and walked straight into the vessel of Adam blocking the hallway.

“Jesus Christ,” he blurted, then, as he came down from the sudden adrenaline spike, he found his default casual tone after a bit of rummaging to say, “Hey, Nagisa. What brings you around to these parts?”

Like a cat, Kaworu threw a disdained look at the pleasantry Kaji had tossed him before turning up his nose at it, quite literally. He lifted his head to fix an unrelenting, laser stare on Kaji’s face, under which Kaji tried his best not to squirm, because what if this was actually his way of saying hello because he didn’t understand human socialization? “Cultural insensitivity in the workplace” was not something Kaji needed on his conscience.

“Do I have something on my face?” he joked, reaching up a hand to self-consciously scratch at his stubble.

Once again Kaworu declined to respond. Finally, he blinked, as if to signal that his scan was complete, and a happily serene expression slowly began to spread over his features, starting from his mouth, the corners of which lifted up into a relaxed smile.

“It is as I suspected,” Kaworu said calmly. “You are no threat to me.”

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a fem!Kawoshin AU where the only thing shinji kind of likes about herself is her long hair that she ties up everyday. One day kaworu meets shinji before school and she’s on the verge of tears, her hair in a choppy boy cut. She smiles and waves it off admitting gendo did it last night after a fight but before she can say anything else before kaworu runs off. She comes back at lunch with her hair also cut very short. Shocked, shinji says. “Kaworu! What happened to your hair?” Kaworu asks her “What’s wrong, am I hideous now?” And shinji shouts “No, not at all! You could never be hideous kaworu.” Kaworu smiles and replies “Then why would you ever think lesser of yourself when my beauty pales in comparison to yours.” Then shinji cries all over her lunch because kaworu made her feel like she could like herself, even just a little.

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out of shinji and kaworu who do you like better as a top? and it's for school i promise and i gotta know

Hnnnnnggg I can’t just pick one, I like to think they swich.

 But I guess I’m going with, top Shinji? For now  \(=7=)/ the world needs more top Shinji!