White Haired Anime Boys Facts and Stats
  • 1 in every 8 white haired anime boys will die.
  • Half of said anime boys will die from decapitation.
  • White haired anime boys are an endangered species.
  • MYTH: If you touch a white haired anime boy, you’ll get white hair too.
  • Touching a white haired anime boy will not increase the chances of your dying, but if you are close enough to said white haired boy, there is a 100% chance of your feels being broken.

Facts taken from the White Haired Anime Boys Research Center in Munich, Germany.

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It’s September 18 2016, and a new official NGE music-video came out today.

I just

(OH, and it’s only going to be up for 24 hours and then gone forever, because that is a thing that is fine to do to my heart, so if you want it you gotta download it now)

The song is Sakura Nagashi which means YOU KNOW WHAT THE SUBJECT MATTER IS and jehfsfnuidhfvuydnvsiu