the original Ninja …

Alex Vieira aboard the works Kawasaki France ZXR-7, the bike that sparked the Ninja heritage that stills goes strong today
the original ZXR-7, based on the road going ZXR-750, was first introduced in 1988 for (world) endurance racing, when the racing series was still under the very liberal TT F1 rules, almost anything could be changed on the bikes apart from the original engine castings, meaning  the bikes used were as good as four stroke prototypes … it was the pinnacle of endurance racing
with the introduction of (world) superbike racing the rules changed in favour of more production based machinery, but those wicked & wild machines that ruled the endurance world championship of the late 80’s & early 90’s definitely left their mark

Alex Vieira’s Kawasaki France ZXR-7, 1991 Bol d'Or, Paul Ricard

Kawasaki also claimed the world endurance title together with Vieira that season & prolongued it in ‘92 with Carl Fogarty & Terry Rymer & again in '93 & '94 with respectively Doug Tolland & Adrien Morillas