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HI. i was reading 飼育れた春、変われぬ春 translation and insight, and i think that the version where the mother is forcing the daughter to prositute herself definitely makes more sense as it says "Please allow me the misfortune of dying first" (since she isn't supposed to die before her mother). and also, i think that the "my detre" part may probably meant to be "my d'être", as in "raison d'être", which could be a sort of synonym for "the reason for being" (that is, the mother, i'm assuming..?)

Omg you are genius. I figured “my detre” was from “raison d'être”, yes, but it didn’t even occur to me to think of “the reason for being” as the literal reason she’s alive/reason she’s been born (if that’s what you’re saying…). In that case, the “my detre” part also fits. And I also think this theory makes more sense, but of course, what with Ruki’s Engrish and the fact that I can’t find any interviews about that song, it’s impossible for us to know ;–;