Katelyn Chan Headcanons

i live for this ship

  • When they got together, nobody was surprised at all
  • They were actually placing bets on when they would start dating
  • Aphmau won
  • PDA
  • So much PDA
  • These two are always holding hands and/or snuggling
  • They always wear couples cosplay at cons
  • Saturday nights are their Netflix and Chill nights( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Katelyn is always the first to fall asleep on movie night and when she wakes up her hair is in a braid crown
  • “Katelyn-Sama how did you sleep through that?”                       “I don’t even know”
  • They have a million different pet names for each other
  • They’re that one couple that will go to the gym together and leave people in awe
  • Mystreet power couple
  • Katelyn likes to play with KC’s tail and ears
  • KC always makes sure to save sweets for Katelyn when she makes them