A lot of WHATS for Kawaii In Manila

If you are a girl who likes Kawaii stuff, being bubbly all the time and being serious with reaching goals and dreams… then this is for you! I hope you’ll scroll down with me ^^ hee ^^

My friends and I teamed for a special event that will happen on September 14. We’re holding a workshop that is going to be very intense in one whole day! We can say that this day will be totally worth it, because we’ll handle talks, about confidence and inspirations that will really strike your heart with full positivity ^^ , and a lot of skill-related activities like fashion styling, make-up and hair tricks and cupcake designing. Its like you have 2 workshops in 1!!!

This workshop has a fee of P5000. Yes we all know that earning 5000 grand is not easy and its not also easy to let go… but we tell you that your 5000 will be really worth it ;) Like what I said awhile ago.. its like 2 workshops in 1…

On September 14… from morning till evening we have a lot of activities for you guys. 

★ Kawaii D.I.Y. Sessions 
★ Japanese Meiku & Styling
★ Cupcake Designing like a Pro! 
★ Polaroid & Washi Tape Fun
★ Kawaii Girl Photoshoot that everybody wants to have
★ Kawaii Power-up Talks to boost each Kawaii Girl’s personality <3
★ .. and more kawaii surprises! 

We, team Kawaii In Manila, can really promise that THIS IS WORTH IT and we are very sure that YOU WON’T GET BORED with us!!! because this workshop is an intense interaction workshop <3 

Brought to you by these lovely people who are very passionate about everything. And came to a single thought of why not share what you have to everybody. Just like the old saying… “share your blessings”

I am very happy to cross my life with these very beautiful people. Back then I just look at them on my computer screen reading their blogs and looking at their photos and creations… and now hand in hand we are doing a <3 project that really came from our hearts <3

Reese: www.reeseypeasy.com
Kaila: www.the.rainbowholic.me
ChiChi: www.littlemisspaintbrush.tumblr.com

Please do join our workshop! Registration is still open <3

Click the photo above to register :) We’ll also give away 2 tickets on Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s album launch that will happen on Aug. 31, 1pm at AliMall Cubao!!! Just come and wear your very KAWAII outfit and you might win a pass to Kawaii In Manila :)

See you there :)


Event Brief:

The Kawaii Lifestyle:

Lifestyle Workshop Trailer:

Who: Kawaii Lovin’ Girls (15-25 yrs. old)
When: September 14, 2013 (9:30 AM - 6:30 PM)

Hello, Manila! (June 24, 2013)

As a part of our requirements for one of our major subjects (but actually it’s just a homework. Hahaha), we were tasked to do some Radio Station observation. So my friends and I agreed to be going out today to visit an AM station and an FM station. Me and Aya would be going to meet at LRT Santolan station at around 7-7:30AM, then Danica and Genica are to meet at UE, so we can all go together at Recto, then Vito Cruz (LRT 1), to go to Edselpha’s place.

Aya was somewhat late because of the traffic, so I waited for her. I saw Angel, my highschool friend, at Santolan, but I haven’t got the chance to approach her. While waiting for Aya, I was fascinated by a K-9 unit dog, who was also at the station. I love dogs a lot, and this dog is one of my favorite breeds, which is a Labrador Retriever. He’s such a cutieeeeee!

We arrived at Recto station at like, 8AM. Danica and Genica didn’t meet, but all of us arrived at the same time. So we went immediately to Doroteo Jose.

The LRT 1 trains are short, so it was kinda hard. But we managed.

I don’t know what time we’ve arrived at Eds’ place, but we waited for her a bit, then we walked from their place to CCP Complex. It was a loooooooooooooooong walk, mind you. My legs are still aching right now.

Oh, before I forgot, we went to eat a quick breakfast first at Mcdonald’s, near DLSU. Look at Aya’s happy face. HAHAHA.

I love my shoes! So kawaii. :“>

Hi deserted road of CCP! =))

We were debating whether we’ll have lunch at MOA, Megamall or Robinson’s Galeria. =))

Random selfies with Aya.

Fact: It was my first time today to ride the MRT! OMG. I swear to myself that that would be my first and last ride. Hahaha. Seriously, my claustrophobic self had emerged this afternoon. *O*

We craved for Tokyo Tokyo.

Kawaii finds at Bestsellers! :O :”>

It’s so hard to go out without spare money, so I just have to let these babies go. :(

We are not successful with our trip. What with no letters to present, we weren’t allowed to go inside the stations. So we just settled for a livestreaming. :(

フィリピンで"Kawaii in Manilaのイベント、ラクトスrunwayフィーチャーです!ありがとうございました!🍜🍜🍜Excited to be a part of a group of shops and designers based in Tokyo for a runway show in the Philippines! Thank you @kawaii_ph for featuring Lactose Intoler-Art looks on the runway! Special thanks to @_ashleydy for helping make this all happen! Check out some of the pieces at www.shoplactose.com 🍜🍜🍜 ! #kawaiiinmanila2 #kawaiiinmanila

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The ultimate kawaii experience is about to be brought to the Philippines through “Kawaii in Manila" - the first ever kawaii lifestyle workshop here in our shores. ♪♪(o*゜∇゜)o~♪♪


Kawaii in Manila✧ is an intimate, whole day affair that aims to promote and recreate the Japanese kawaii culture here in Manila, through an interactive, experience-driven workshop.

It’s an event that wishes to foster close ties with fellow Japanophiles through a variety of kawaii related activities such as DIY sessions, beauty and styling workshops, and a much-anticipated kawaii photo-shoot for all participants!

Kawaii in Manila hopes to share and spread the love for all things cute, happy and child-like, by constructing a world of cupcakes, Barbie dolls, stickers and Pocky sticks for the kawaii girl to frolic in - *even if only for a day!* 


For every girl who loves Japanese fashion & lifestyle. 
Experience Kawaii In Manila.
Kawaii at home. 


More details soon! ~ https://www.facebook.com/kawaii.in.manila

Brought to you by カワイイ team:
Kaila Ocampo (www.the.rainbowholic.me)
Pinero Anne Kate (www.annekatepinero.com)
Chichi Romero (www.littlemisspaintbrush.tumblr.com)
Reese Lansangan (www.reeseypeasy.com)
Dizon Sissies (Tracy, Liley & Theia) (www.tracydizon.com |www.creampoof.tumblr.com)

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