Hello, Manila! (June 24, 2013)

As a part of our requirements for one of our major subjects (but actually it’s just a homework. Hahaha), we were tasked to do some Radio Station observation. So my friends and I agreed to be going out today to visit an AM station and an FM station. Me and Aya would be going to meet at LRT Santolan station at around 7-7:30AM, then Danica and Genica are to meet at UE, so we can all go together at Recto, then Vito Cruz (LRT 1), to go to Edselpha’s place.

Aya was somewhat late because of the traffic, so I waited for her. I saw Angel, my highschool friend, at Santolan, but I haven’t got the chance to approach her. While waiting for Aya, I was fascinated by a K-9 unit dog, who was also at the station. I love dogs a lot, and this dog is one of my favorite breeds, which is a Labrador Retriever. He’s such a cutieeeeee!

We arrived at Recto station at like, 8AM. Danica and Genica didn’t meet, but all of us arrived at the same time. So we went immediately to Doroteo Jose.

The LRT 1 trains are short, so it was kinda hard. But we managed.

I don’t know what time we’ve arrived at Eds’ place, but we waited for her a bit, then we walked from their place to CCP Complex. It was a loooooooooooooooong walk, mind you. My legs are still aching right now.

Oh, before I forgot, we went to eat a quick breakfast first at Mcdonald’s, near DLSU. Look at Aya’s happy face. HAHAHA.

I love my shoes! So kawaii. :“>

Hi deserted road of CCP! =))

We were debating whether we’ll have lunch at MOA, Megamall or Robinson’s Galeria. =))

Random selfies with Aya.

Fact: It was my first time today to ride the MRT! OMG. I swear to myself that that would be my first and last ride. Hahaha. Seriously, my claustrophobic self had emerged this afternoon. *O*

We craved for Tokyo Tokyo.

Kawaii finds at Bestsellers! :O :”>

It’s so hard to go out without spare money, so I just have to let these babies go. :(

We are not successful with our trip. What with no letters to present, we weren’t allowed to go inside the stations. So we just settled for a livestreaming. :(