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Write about Sasha and Aleksis getting ready for bed. Like them taking off all their jewelry and other cute things!

She was a creature of habit and routine, sharpened after years of Arabesques and AssemblésTemps levé sautés and Tours en l’airs; military drills honed her scheduling further until her orderly, daily life followed a detailed itinerary.

Such discipline, shared with her co-pilot, meant that even after hours they followed a set routine established early on in their partnership; Sasha would remove her war paint and Aleksis would polish their rings, then a shower before a mug of tea and in bed before 11pm.

Of course, seasoned though they were when it came to routine, there were always discrepancies when it came to their night routine; they discovered early on that showers need not be so brisk as military training dictated, and were much more fun when shared. 

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1) SashaxAleksis 2) Blue's Clues

“A clue, a clue!” Yancy Mori shouts excitedly offstage, and Aleksis gasps audibly in feigned surprise as he shades his eyes and looks around; Mako hides a giggle in her son’s hair, her cheeks red with embarrassment but her spirits high.

“Where? Where is the clue?” Sasha puts her hands on her hips; had it been anyone else who asked, even Raleigh Becket-Mori himself, the Russian would have decked him without hesitation- but it was a different case entirely when his son had approached them one afternoon, eyes wide with adoration and hope.

“There! Over there!” The little boy laughed, and Aleksis pretended to finally spot the blue pawprint placed on the stylized fridge.

Oh the things one did for love.