He doesn’t know how to ask her, or if she’s even interested in marriage in the first place, but he does know he wants to marry her and spend the rest of his life with her because he can’t imagine life without her.

He wonders if he should buy a ring or design a ring or if she even wants a ring, but if she’s to wear a ring she has to say yes and he’s not sure if she’ll say yes, and he wears the stupid, anxious expression for a week before she snaps at him and demands what’s troubling him because she can’t stand his fidgeting.

“Please let me marry you,” is what tumbles from his mouth and his whole face turns red and he’s messed up the question before he even gets to the ring, but she’s laughing and calling him an idiot and then they’re kissing, and kissing and kissing a lot and he hazards a guess that her answer is yes.

“Aleksis, my book is-” she doesn’t bother to knock, opening his door and marching into his room in order to retrieve her book from where she’d left it the night before during one of their study sessions.

“Sasha!” His surprised voice is muffled and he has his shirt halfway off, tangled in his arms and covering his face completely, and Sasha seizes the opportunity to get a good long look at him- at his sculpted, muscular body, at the way his broad chest expands and contracts with each breath, at the dark hair trailing down the length of his torso before disappearing below the waistband of his pants, because why not?

She takes pity on him and tugs the shirt back down to cover him, taking great delight in his flushed face as she rests a hand on his broad chest and the beautiful winged soviet star inked there, and she can feel his quickened breathing and the frenzied pounding of his heart.

“When we are pilots, I’ll get one to match.”

This was their fifteenth test Drift, their fifteenth farcical dance for the Scientists desparately trying to prod their mind to discover just why their Bridge was unshakable despite no blood relation between them; all Sasha knows is that they are puzzle pieces that fit no one else but each other.

She’s letting the waves of emotions and events wash over her, detached and somewhat disinterested until she catches sight of a stage and red roses by the dressing room door and now she’s incredibly interested despite Aleksis’ almost violent lurch in protest.

He’s trying to hide something but nothing remains hidden for long in the Drift and he reluctantly, almost shamefully shows her and-

-he is fourteen and Irina is seven and they’re in Moscow watching the national ballet perform Sleeping Beauty and there are stars in her eyes as she watches the prima ballerina leap and bound across the stage and she begs her brother to bring roses to her door but they’re both too shy to stay so they knock and leave the roses and run as fast as they can and fate has it so he turns to look over his shoulder just as the door opens-

-and Sasha sees herself, and she is Aurora, she is the prima ballerina and he has loved her before the world they knew ended and would love her until the end of this one too.


Everyone assumed he had always been big, had always been a mountain of a man, but that wasn’t the truth at all; once he had been a child, firstborn son of his family, showered with affection and attention.

Theirs had been a simple, quiet life and he had never been in want for anything; his fondest memories always related back to his family, of his father Pyotr with his booming laugh, of little sister Irina with her bright smile, of his mother Valentina and the way she always hugged him from behind when he did the dishes, proud of how big and strong he was becoming.

Sasha saw it all, for there were no such things as ‘secrets’ in the Drift, and as they lay in bed winding down from the drunken haze the neural bridge bestowed, she spooned against his back and slipped her arms around him tightly.

When the Drivesuit was detached and the circuit-suit peeled away, his arm was wet and red and dripping blood onto the floor; a dislocated shoulder, a broken arm and three broken fingers, and Aleksis was as pale as paper.

There was yelling from Doctor Ivan and yelling from Sasha but eventually Sasha was exiled from the operating theatre and she spent the next few hours pacing nervously in the hallway ready to murder the next person who approached her.

When he surfaced from the anaesthetic the first person he saw was Sasha peering over him, feigning annoyance as she grumbled he ‘took his sweet time’ and acted akin to a hibernating bear and he managed a tired smile and stroked her cheek with his right hand and watched relief wash over her as she bent to kiss his lips.


She hated being fussed over, but internal bleeding did warrant some fuss, and so she tolerated the medical team as best she could on the grounds that the technicians fix their rigging now so they wouldn’t be jostled around every time a Kaiju hit their Jaeger.

Aleksis doesn’t know what to do with himself, and she watches in mild amusement as he alternates from pacing to sitting, fiddling with his rings or attempting to read, and when the staff give him the all clear he settles by her hospital bed and holds her hand and looks at her with pathetically docile eyes.

“Mishka,” she laughs softly, infinitely endeared, and he perks up at her voice and next she knows he’s pressing whiskery kisses all over her face and realizes as much as he can’t seem to live without her, she cannot imagine life without him either.

lookabitharder  asked:

Write about Sasha and Aleksis getting ready for bed. Like them taking off all their jewelry and other cute things!

She was a creature of habit and routine, sharpened after years of Arabesques and AssemblésTemps levé sautés and Tours en l’airs; military drills honed her scheduling further until her orderly, daily life followed a detailed itinerary.

Such discipline, shared with her co-pilot, meant that even after hours they followed a set routine established early on in their partnership; Sasha would remove her war paint and Aleksis would polish their rings, then a shower before a mug of tea and in bed before 11pm.

Of course, seasoned though they were when it came to routine, there were always discrepancies when it came to their night routine; they discovered early on that showers need not be so brisk as military training dictated, and were much more fun when shared. 

anonymous asked:

Aleksis finding out something embarrassing to Sasha? (could be in the drift or otherwise) (alsoalso omg you're filling prompts and they're brillz i am excite and love you)

It was such a small secret in comparison to the one she discovered about him, about the fact they had met before the world they knew ended and he had loved her from afar for so very long- but it was still her secret nevertheless and when he stumbled on it in the Drift, he could only blink in surprise.

“Well I really couldn’t-” she tried to explain and she was uncharacteristically red and flustered, and it was unnerving for her to feel as such, “we had to stay a certain weight and size, you know, because of the lifts and the costumes.”

He nodded and spoke nothing of it after disconnection; the next night he knocked on her door, she opened it to find him standing there with a big grin and a chocolate cake to share and she knew he was definitely a keeper.

He never thought he’d find the parade exhilarating but here he is, grinning from ear to ear and chest swollen with pride as he stands beside his co-pilot surrounded by cheering colleagues and civilians alike, and now he’s not so apprehensive at being called ‘hero’.

He’s squeezing her hand, thumbing the engagement ring on her finger and he doesn’t care if all of Russia sees as he pulls her into his arms and kisses her, and the parade is far from over but he’s pulling her away with him and then they’re running and she’s laughing and he’s powered by enough adrenaline to quiet his usual cautionary personality.

He holds her hand as they run all the way to the town hall and no they don’t have an appointment but he wants to marry her now and who was going to refuse Aleksis Kaidanovsky and Aleksandra Volkova- Russia’s heroes, to their faces?

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Kaidanovsky prompt: Once upon a time, Sasha was his babysitter.

“Mother, I am not a babysitter,” Sasha complained as her mother finished pulling her hair into a chignon, “I am a ballerina!”

“You are both for tonight- Valentina and I are in dire need of an evening to ourselves,” Katya chided as she kissed her daughter’s temple before fetching her coat, “besides, little Lyosha is very sweet and well-behaved.”

Sasha rolled her eyes and followed her mother to the door; the boy was a mop of dark hair and dark eyes, a stuffed lion plush under one arm and a storybook in the other.

“Aleksis, this is Aleksandra,” Valentina explained, and Sasha begrudgingly held her hand out for him; when he smiled up at her shyly, little fingers twining with her own, Sasha couldn’t help but smile in return.

Alright. Maybe she could be both.

Connectivity (1796 words) by Archadian_Skies [AO3]

A mission involving an eighteen hour neural bridge provides the research team an incredible opportunity to study the effects of a prolonged neural handshake on Cherno Alpha’s pilots. Man and machine: where does one end and the other begin?

HE WOULD ;A; He’d be so proud of them and walk around with them all day, and before missions she’d kiss him on his temple where the helmet sits, for good luck.

People forget he’s much younger than his wife, and I like to think he’s a big smitten teddy bear.

That or if anyone tries to give him shit for having red kisses on his face he’d just have to glower at them and they’d pee themselves and never mention it again.

Even if it’s only for 10 seconds, I’d love a Drift sequence for the Kawaiidanovskys and Lobster Triplets. 

Like the Russians pinning hundreds of gold safety pins by candlelight to make eagles on their jackets.

Like the Lobsters pumped up after a win, stumbling out of an underground fighting bunker all bloodied and bruised and grinning.

And maybe one of both teams overlapping- meeting each other in the Academy, gauging each other before fast becoming trolling friends.


Finished the photosets for the 18hr stakeout with the Kawaiidanovskys and I’ve resigned to the fact I’ll need to include at least one nsfw image in each set because those two probably go at it like rabbits before/after (maybe even during) missions.

I’ll upload it as soon as my collab partner finishes her part /o/

askzhouyu  asked:

1) SashaxAleksis 2) Blue's Clues

“A clue, a clue!” Yancy Mori shouts excitedly offstage, and Aleksis gasps audibly in feigned surprise as he shades his eyes and looks around; Mako hides a giggle in her son’s hair, her cheeks red with embarrassment but her spirits high.

“Where? Where is the clue?” Sasha puts her hands on her hips; had it been anyone else who asked, even Raleigh Becket-Mori himself, the Russian would have decked him without hesitation- but it was a different case entirely when his son had approached them one afternoon, eyes wide with adoration and hope.

“There! Over there!” The little boy laughed, and Aleksis pretended to finally spot the blue pawprint placed on the stylized fridge.

Oh the things one did for love.

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Why did you write Alexis as mute in your fic? Didn't he have one line?

If you check the upload date, I posted the fic 3 days after the movie opened. At that point in time I’d only seen it once, and my friend and I were positively buzzing with headcanons. We constantly texted each other with ideas and bounced off character traits.

I ended up writing that fic assuming Aleksis had no lines at all, though later I did discover he indeed had one line. I certainly don’t consider my fic canon, and even though there’s contrary evidence about his muteness I think it works in a standalone sense.

bydemytime  asked:

I just read your fic about the Cherno Alpha team and you are so very talented. I especially love that you included her bleaching his hair (so cute!). This is exactly the kind of story I always hope that fandoms will have, but so rarely seem to. Thank you so much for sharing.

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Oh ;; Thank you so much, that means a lot to me BLESS YOU AND YOUR KINDNESS ;A;