dollbun asked:

How did you find a boyfriend that's okay with your Lolita style and stuff o:

I met him while wearing lolita hahahaha so….that helps :D 

^awwww first picture we took together <3
I never had to introduce him to it. He already knew about it WHICH AT FIRST SOUNDS CREEPY but it’s really not hahaha He knows other lolitas. He just asked for my picture at a convention and it made my day.

We parted ways after taking photos and I couldn’t stop thinking about him WHICH WAS actually very strange because at the time I was very antirelationship and quite…..anti…boys.

I’m so happy he approached me. It’s not just that he likes my lolita, we agree on just about everything. He’s one of the most talented,intelligent, driven people I’ve ever met and I find him very inspiring. We are very lucky and I think about that a lot. I remember what it was like being single and meeting people you just don’t click with. I sincerely appreciate having someone in my life that understands and supports me the way Jarek does. I really hope that everyone can find someone to be with like that.

Ok I know all this mushy gushy stuff is probably far more than what you were probably asking for. Hahahaha In short, I guess if someone really cares for you they will support the way you dress. If they don’t, then they aren’t worth your time.

Jarek and I went from being together everyday to being an hour apart.

We’ve only been apart for two days. 

Me: I miss you

Jarek: I miss streetpassing with you everyday