Hello, followers! I`m extremely sorry that I haven`t been active in the last… several months. But this was in light of my newly found anxiety disorder and crap. -laughs- I`m sorry again, and I hope that you didn`t like my blog too much. =P

I have been unable to recover some of my Lucifer costume from the last convention. (Left stuff at my friends house, and that happens to be a while away, and all that fun stuff.)

I have a blog based with my cosplay group here:

If you`re interested in going and taking a look.

And I`m thinking of making a new ask account? I’ll be deviating a bit away from the whole ‘live action’ show genre… Does anybody like South Park? =) Kenny McCormick is my most animated (pun intended) and accessible cosplay at the moment. An example is attached to this post.

I hope to see everyone over on my groups cosplay page, or answering my question! Thank-you very much for spending this time with me!