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Today the Department of Impossible Cuteness wants to cover their fingers in these awesome sets of enamel rings shaped like adorable animals. Made by Bangkok-based artist m e r r y m e, each set of adjustable rings can be worn together as a trio so their entire bodies hug one finger or on three separate fingers for two extra hugs. In the case of this squirrel ring, they’re worn separately so that the little critter appears to be snacking on a tasty acorn:

m e r r y m e’s rings and other impressively cute pieces of handmade jewelry are available for purchase via her DAINTYmeBOUTIQUE on Etsy. Head over there for more photos and info.

[via Design You Trust]

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My cute glittery Space Junnk Toy Rings are now available at:

ncludes four large chunky rings and a free gift with every purchase! <3

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こんにちは!or Hello!  I'm so pleased to announce my new store called Pastel Galaxyz is now OPEN!  ♪ ☆彡・*¨*•.¸¸⋆*✩ It will mean so much to me if you guys wish to reblog this to your blog and get the delicious word out all across the galaxy! 

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