kawaii totoro


Stained glass cookies are cute and yummy cookies with a sugar window and sprinkles in the middle, and they are currently super popular in Japan! 🍪💕 If you shake the cookie, the sprinkles inside will shake too! 💖✨ You can make the cookies in the shape of your favorite character, find inspiration here ► https://www.instagram.com/miki.fujimoto_miasy/


Thank you for all of your messages!!!😲 I don’t check this acct as often as i should😞 Some comparison shots of the reworked totoro 1.0 sweater (aka its my sweater i dont giveafuk but it feels good) & totoro 2.0 sweater (aka some day i will buy it a zipper) #totoro #sootsprites #kawaii #knit #knitting #studioghibli #sweater #anime #fandom

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My online order from Japan and South Korea has arrived today. I’m so happy. It’s so cute! :3