kawaii sims


I attempted to make pastries / fruity girls and…
Sugar rush.

My names are SO original. (*v*)
Everything she’s wearing except top by @sims4-marigold
Shoes / skirt @sims4-marigold
Strawberry headband @jennisims
Skirt by @sims4-marigold
Hair @maysims
-Blueberry Cupcake:
Hair @karzalee
Overalls @twisim(deactivated )
Shoes @sims4-marigold
Hair by @pastel-sims
Backpack/shoes @sims4-marigold
Overalls by twisims
Jacket / shirts / shoes @sims4-marigold
Hair @pastel-sims

That’s all I remember. The rest, credit and much thanks to all the amazing CC creators! 💙


New sweater Swatches! I finally figured out how to make these. I just sort of went for the theme of ‘flower punk meets pastel goth’ and then just found things I liked. There are only seven but I hope they can be enjoyed. 

Mesh is by the amazing Marigold! Make sure you download it! 

 Swatches are here.

Images were from Pintrest &Google Image, but if you find the owner of any of them please let me know on PM or Ask, I will ask permission and of course give full credit.


This little cutie right here is Rose Penbrooke. Even though she isn’t my own Idea, she’s still one of my new favorite sims. I put her into my town right away. <3
Thanks to @peacchiepie for requesting a few sims. She gave me the inspiration to make her this lovely sim~
I really hope you like her!
(✿ ˃ᆺ˂)*:・゚✧*゜゚・*☆

I have created 2 traits they are the exact same except they have different names in-game. These traits will help with the creative related careers, relationships, and you will see some interesting whims it just might surprise you. This is intended to be a placeholder until a Late-Night/Showtime type of expansion pack is released into the sims 4!

K-Pop Star Trait (Sims 4 Package File)  : Download

Star Quality Trait (Sims 4 Package File)  : Download

❀Pastel-ish Lookbook❀

   ✦  Bow [xx] - @sims4-marigold
   ✦  Hair [xx] - @thesimwithoutaname
   ✦  Dress [xx] - @miuki-miuki
   ✦  Tights [xx] - @decayclownsims
   ✦  Shoes [xx] - @miuki-miuki

  ✦  Cat Beanie [xx] - @jsboutique
  ✦  Hair [xx] - @hikariichaan
  ✦  Heart choker [xx] - @mariamariasims
  ✦  Sweater [xx] - @sims4-marigold
  ✦  Skirt [xx] - @sims4-marigold
  ✦  Tights [xx] - @avonlea
  ✦  Shoes [xx] - @ivanscloset

 ✦  Hair [xx] - @kalewa-a
 ✦  Glasses [xx] - Kedlu
 ✦  Necklace [xx] - @a3ru
 ✦  Transparant shirt [xx] - @pauleanr
 ✦  Cat Keyhole Bra [xx] - Nueajaa
 ✦  Skirt [xx] - @sims4-marigold
 ✦  Knee bandaids [xx] - @decayclownsims
 ✦  Socks [xx] - @sims4-marigold
 ✦  Shoes [xx] - Toksik