kawaii shonen

Did I mention how much I absolutely adore @rainbow-taishi‘s web-browser personifications❓❓  😍
I also love how Internet Explorer is essentially older than Google Chrome, making him his SENPAI~ ✨

I love this, it’s so cute. Inuyasha’s bewilderment and tenderness over their baby is melded into his expression, Kagome is encouraging him to feel her stomach because Inuyasha seems nervous that he might hurt his wife and baby, and he’s also inexperienced with pregnancies. I love how the artist captures Inuyasha and Kagome’s personality in this moment


Never have I been as emotionally hurt over anyone’s death, more than Chelsea’s. I was legitimately crying for quite a while today because of what happened to her. I can’t disable the hurt feelings I have right now. Like if some put a power drill to your heart and repeatedly keep punching the wound, that’s what I feel, but worse. QQ

“I would do anything to prevent her death from happening. Even my own life. In my heart and mind she is still alive.”

~Rest in Peace Chelsea