kawaii seifuku

I was going to post all my photos at once next week in a photoset but turns out that vertical photos don’t look good in photosets… (๑◕︵◕๑)
So I decided to slowly post ‘em day by day. Today’s pic is this one. ♡
I’ll try to save the best for the last. Hahah

Also! Today I tried to open a PO Box but for some reasons I couldn’t do it. I’ll try to open it tomorrow.
I really want to receive cute things from you guys! ( ; w ; ) when I finally open it, pls send me cute letters and sweets. teehe
I’ll try to take photos with everything I get. (◕ω◕ ❀)

In the name of the moon….. 

I Shall punish you hehe~ 💔

Some Sailor Moon yankee/menhera fanart for you lovelies~

btw we got to 106 followers what even is happening,you people are crazy~ ;u;;; thank you so much really~


SKIRT: American Apparel
SHOES: Modcloth
BLAZER: Forever 21

Nanchatte is a Japanese fashion style that means “uniform for fun”. Originally inspired by 19th century Western European children’s  fashion at the time, the sailor inspired “seifuku” is still used in public & private school systems in Japan! However it’s often modified for the sake of fashion. I’ve loved seifukus ever since I first watched Sailor Moon as a little kid & really want to incorporate the look in my designs. But for now I’m gonna love styling different kids so this is totally the first in a series.

I went to Catholic school as a little kid & I pretty much blame that for my obsession with plaid & uniforms haha. 

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