kawaii psycho

kawaii-milky-mobu  asked:

What if.... Hmmm.... *gasps* Age swap AU.... (For the sake of seeing puppy Reigen and adult doggo Mob! :3)

YES MY CALLING HAS BEEN ANSWERED.. I’ve been waiting for so long for an age swap AU ask and now I have an excuse to draw stuff for it~

Reigen was that puppy who was in that lanky awkward stage for the longest time. He had that one ear that wouldn’t stick up and he’d ask Mob “Can you use your psychic powers to hold my ear up? Please??” 


lmao i really dont know why i couldnt find the volumes in local bookstores whenever i wandered in. either bad luck or im just honestly blind af. but thank you animate the boys are back in town!!

volume 14 is old news by this point but im glad i could get one if only to have a physical copy of that VERY CURSED omake