kawaii peas


This is my mahou kei outfit from G-Anime last friday. Do you like it? (ノ*ヮ*)ノ*:・゚✧

~ Outfit ~

Magical Ballerina Chiffon Dress : Pinkly Ever After
Blouse : Bodyline
Star clip : SKSS 
Bows: Pinkly Ever After, Angelic Pretty and Ardène
Milky way Rainbow Tutu : Pinkly Ever After
Socks : Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Shoes : Bodyline
Wand : Vallue Village, redecorated by me :3


My goodbye video for Pinkly Ever After. Since the store was closed, I wanted to do a special video with me and my close friends from Canada to show how much we loved PEA. We shall continue to spread magic in our lives <3

(I am at 4:20 oops. My french accent is soooo bad, I think I kind of lost my words with the emotions ;; )