kawaii of course

mermaid tales episode seven sketch dump!
garroth: “are you dumb?” / aphmau: “youre dumb!”
travis: “HAVE YOU SEEN MY BF!?”
my girl lucinda looking hippy-ish
aaron w his flower crown
ivan: “they think im crazy…”
garroth: “o-oh” (@ end of episode when seeing travis)
and of course
kawaii chan: “looking for a gf!?”



I’ve been at work so much I barely have time for German but I’m trying, it’s a lot more difficult than it looks. Also got back on top of my crime/justice and society course today!


So these tweets are actually real.

I really like how she tries to defend herself by stating how much she loooveees Japanese culture

“You guys I did this with Japanese people it’s cool”

“I go to Japan like so much ok I know the culture”

“I know so many Japanese people and even the director was Japanese!”

God these bullshit statements alone just insinuates that hey Japanese people are working with me so I can’t be doing anything wrong or racist, otherwise they’d tell me! 

Yeah because even if you’re an artist at the end of her career and desperately trying to save it, you’re still a well-known name and PoC don’t have many opportunities in this industry and will take any job that’s offered to them. This includes everyone who worked on this video. Why?

Because People of Color are easily replaced. They’re expendable. 

Oh, you don’t want to work with her cause her entire music video is racist? Whatever. We’ll just find another director/choreographer/dancer. 

That’s it. That’s literally it. That’s how it works. So we suck it up and work with these people cause the industry doesn’t value us enough and not working only harms us, not the artist.

I mean, spewing random Japanese words that have nothing to do with your song is just short of saying Ching Chong Long Ting Tong, but you know. She’s just admiring the culture. 

Sure does remind me of this skit:

External image

This is extremely racist and insulting. I’m an Asian American. I studied Japanese for two years. I’ve yet to begin to scratch the surface of Japanese culture and etiquette and I’m not even that confident or comfortable speaking or writing it because I don’t feel as if I know enough about it to say I can speak Japanese. 

Singing random words in a language you don’t know is racist when you use it for the sake of a song that just appropriates a part of their culture so much. 

Then you have your Japanese backup dancers. They all look the same, they’re silent, and “kawaii”. 

Of course, to you dear Avril, this sure doesn’t perpetuate the stereotype of cute, obedient, and submissive Asian women girls right? They’re just too damn cute and fit your set!

God. You’re turning 30. I don’t care if you want to act childish or dress a certain way. But grow the fuck up and stop making arguments that defend your racist actions and try to justify them by name-dropping everything Japanese.

You’re not Japanese. You don’t know Japanese. You don’t know Japanese culture. Your song doesn’t “honor” or “flatter” Japanese people or Japanese culture. It perpetuates the stereotype the West already holds and you try to pass it off as being cute and creative and appreciative and dedicate it to your Japanese fans.

No. Fuck you. 


Sans Hotdog Stickers [Flat Ver.] + [Shade Ver.]

Uwaaaah it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything! Very sorry for the lack of activity! As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I’ve been experiencing side effects from my medication and have also gone into preparation mode for upcoming conventions~

Here’s the first of some Undertale stickers I’ll be selling in-person at the upcoming Kawaii Kon 2016 ♥ (LOL of course it would be sans in a hotdog)

Which do you all prefer? Flat color or Soft Shading? Both are a lot quicker for me to do than my normal shading, but hopefully they still look alright!

Please let me know what you think~! I’m still trying to decide which style to go with for the stickers ><


Yuzu spent the bulk of his time at K&C fiddling with his new haircut… ლ(⌒▽⌒ლ)


Happy Birthday Massu!!!

“Exactly because I can’t buy them with money, treasures that can be expressed by feelings. I’ll say it in words, "Happy Birthday”… wow wow wow yeah…“ ♪♫♪

♥♥♥ 君の未来に幸あれ ♥♥♥ Love you.


TEMPURA KIDZ showing us their favorite stores in Harajuku for HARAJUKU KAWAii :) English subtitled of course!