kawaii neko chans

the signs as weeaboos
  • aries: the "i know anything and everything about any anime that ever existed" weeaboo
  • taurus: the all-around weeaboo
  • gemini: the picky weeaboo
  • cancer: the kawaii desu ne neko-chan senpai weeaboo
  • leo: the closet weeaboo
  • virgo: the weeaboo fluent in japanese
  • libra: the professional cosplaying weeaboo
  • scorpio: the weeaboo still in the XD phase
  • sagittarius: the hipster weeaboo
  • capricorn: the kiss kiss fall in love weeaboo
  • aquarius: not a weeaboo
  • pisces: the weeaboo that only watches sad anime