kawaii kitty queen


I finally got my phone case today w/ my Hello Bianca design on it and I’m SO IN LOVE💕💕 It’s beyond perfect and hopefully I can show it to Bianca soon💕

Hello Bianca Update

With the show being next Sat, I added the final detail to the doll and chose one of her best quotes for the little card. I just need to draw her card and she’ll be ready! I’ll fully reveal her on the day of the show as well as Bianca’s reaction to the gift!!

💖Here are my Hello Kitty Drag Superstars of the Week for RPDR8 Episode2 Bitch Perfect: Hello Thorgy in her Disco Glamour, Hello Kim Chi in her Fairy Nymph Realness and Acid Kitty in her Custom Couture!!💖

I was so excited to see that Acid Betty was the first to like my art!💖💖

Each week, I’ll be choosing my favorite looks of the week so see y'all next week!💕