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Inktober - Day 11 (Hetalia: Axis Powers)

So, my style has unimproved a lot lmao. I remember two years ago I was dying to achieve a no-manga-style, semi-realistic and cartoonish looking art. And two years later I keep drawing less semi-realistic and more cartoon-manga ^^Uu. I also don’t have a consistent style orz…

I feel guilty lmao, I keep seeing my art mutuals on IG working really hard to achieve a realistic art style and I gave up and started to do lazy stuff like this, lol. The good thing is that I’m having more fun than I used to, drawing feels less forced or tiring.


Part 3 あめりか50州全部描いたよ The fifty states of America drawn

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I FEEL LIKE LYING DOWN ALL DAYYYYYYYYYY. But anyways here’s part 3 ^^

Also tell me if i messed something up XD

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