kawaii fursuit

So for the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about making a Paynt suit, so I just found some fur swatches and doodled a kind of ‘fursuit style’ for him


Meet Haru Hyena, a cute little kemono style critter full of spunk and sass!

Haru was one of the adoptable hyena characters I posted a while ago- the new owner of this character had the idea for me to create the head in an anime style. I’ve always wanted to try the kawaii style on a fursuit, this was really fun and different!

Miss Haru has vision out the eyes, an open mouth for ventilation, sparkle fur hair, a shiny Plasti-Dip nose and cute little nub fangs! While working with her, I found that depending on the angle with which you view her, she can look sweet or sassy- a happy accident, I like it! Haru’s owner has made it into a partial suit for MFF, I can’t WAIT to see pictures. :)

Commissions for heads, partials, and fullsuits are closed until a time to be announced in 2015, but small orders like ears, tails, gloves, and feet are always open. Drop us a line if you’d like to order something: lobitaworks@gmail.com

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