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SCANDAL; “Sister” blogpost by RINA☆

This Spring, my sister that’s 4 years younger younger than me became a university student. She came over from Nara prefecture to Tokyo to have fun and the two of us went to all sorts of different places. With me, she was unexpectedly actively skillful. She’s good at sleeping and waking up early but it feels like she doesn’t read books or watch movies often. However, we’re the same when it comes to liking music. Our conversation started with, ‘What are you listening to recently?’, and I was happy to hear her say, 'STANDARD was good’.

In the rest of her post, Rina shared with everyone that her sister came over to stay her place for 3 whole days. She also asks all the blog readers if they’re good friends with their own family. Rina also thinks it is important to treasure them no matter in which situation.