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(dailyashleighraichu) I do commend your persistence on making friends little one, but maybe your going about evolving the wrong way. I remember that I had a bond with my old trainer when I was a Pichu before I evolved. Maybe it can work for you too?

Asche: “Well-”

“I’m not really too fond of the idea, to say the truth…”

Asche: “It really is!”

“I-Is just that I’m a little…”


“I’ve already had an experience with a trainer that tried to catch me…”

Asche: “That guy just didn’t seem to have good intentions- And he had a fucking Metagross!”

“Just why the hell would you use a Metagross to catch a simple Pichu!? For Arceus’ sake! That thing seemed so strong!”

“And- and he was just so scary… If my friend Michael hadn’t been there at that moment… I don’t know what would have happened to me!”

“Still, I perfectly know that not all humans are bad-”

“My friend has a trainer, and she’s the most sweet person you’ll ever meet! I adore her!”

“But, the thing is… the amount of ‘bad trainers’ is way superior to the ‘good trainers’ one.”

“And I’m afraid of being catched by a ‘not so good’ one, you know? How can I escape if that happens? How can I be sure if I picked a good trainer? What will they do to me?”

“That’s why I’m trying to evolve by other methods.”

“Still, I’m pretty sure a Pichu can perfectly evolve in the wild, so I think getting myself a trainer is just an ‘In case of emergency’ situation for now.”

Asche: “And, well, talking about something else-”

“You seem very… familiar. What kind of Pokemon are you? Are you like a Pachirisu or an Emolga and that’s why you look so similar to m-”


Asche: “D-Did you say ‘when I was a Pichu’?”

“You d-don’t look like a Pikachu, s-so… that means- you- you are-… are you a?-”


<Asche is way too thunderstruck (hehe) to talk now!>


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What if.... Hmmm.... *gasps* Age swap AU.... (For the sake of seeing puppy Reigen and adult doggo Mob! :3)

YES MY CALLING HAS BEEN ANSWERED.. I’ve been waiting for so long for an age swap AU ask and now I have an excuse to draw stuff for it~

Reigen was that puppy who was in that lanky awkward stage for the longest time. He had that one ear that wouldn’t stick up and he’d ask Mob “Can you use your psychic powers to hold my ear up? Please??” 



I was really trying, honestly. Messaging every single person, asking not to delete captions, hoping, they accidentally deleted them and will fix it. But in return I got rude answers, telling me to go kill myself (amazing, right). So I just wanted to warn those, who decide to delete credits from edits, my discount codes and links. I will block you. And I don’t care anymore. I was dealing with this for far too long, trying to be nice. But you brought it on yourselves. I can’t be bothered wasting more time and getting answers that makes me the bad guy for asking not to delete captions on MY posts :) So if I see anyone deleting captions, doesn’t even matter if it’s my post or someone else’s. You will get reported and block, on all of my accounts and side blogs. That is huge disrespect and looking down on people who actually put time in making posts. 

And those who think this is ”crying” or being “bitchy”, suck it up and shove it up your sorry anon asses :) More better, block me and unfollow and move on. 

Thanks for requesting this anon! I’m glad I get to do both ends of the spectrum now. I hope you enjoy!~Mun M


Laito: Any body is sexy to him, really. But he especially loves the way her sleek body felt so delicate against his. The lack of protective fat made it hurt more when he bit her, but he was always sure to leave excessive bite marks all over her body to show hoe much he loved her.

Ayato: While he’s less than satisfied with his S/O’s breast size, he still thinks they are the best in the world just because they belong to her. He enjoys resting his hands on her ribs, or her slim waist as he kisses and bites her breasts.

Kanato: His favorite time is tea parties with his S/O. The little cakes look fake in her slender hands. He can’t keep from thinking how perfectly doll-like she looks. He even likes to pick out clothes for her to wear every so often because he loves the way they fit her petite body.

Subaru: His S/O’s slender form fits so perfectly in his coffin with room to spare. He loves that he can wrap his arms all the way around her to hold her securely to his chest. He knew she felt insecure, so he whispered sweet nothings into her ear to assure her she was beautiful.

Shu: She became his human blanket. He likes to sleep with her on his chest, providing warmth to his cold body. His hands wander her smooth back, fingers dipping into every delicate curve. She was a fine instrument indeed, and he made sure she never forgot that.

Reiji: Her small form allowed for him to work around her in his lap. She was the best assitant he could ask for, not only the most attractive. Her tight stomach was the ideal place for lashings. Though, he often liked to threaten punishment just for an excuse to admire her body.


Azusa: The bones that were visable under her skin were his favorite places to leave marks. Her body fit on his lap perfectly. They often sat in this fashion as well because it allowed him easy access to her neck, while still embracing her totally.

Yuma: She was the perfect size for him to carry around with him. He enjoyed working in the garden together, her clearing the low branches, and him reaching the top ones. When she tired out, he’d easily carry her back inside. Sometimes, he would insist on helping her bathe purely because he couldn’t get enough of her.

Kou: When his S/O came on tour with him, she often felt inadequate compared to some of the girls that fawned over him. But when they got to be alone in private, he made sure to kiss every inch of her body in order to show her how flawless she really was.

Ruki: He loved the way his S/O’s thin form elongated when stetching to put books back on the top shelf. He liked to trace her spine with his fingertips like it belonged to a leather-bound book, one that required the upmost delicacy due to its beauty and fragility.

Sure thing sweetie! I think the idea of the diaboys having kids is adorable, so I’m gonna jump on that train. I hope you like it! As always, if you want to see the Mukamis just tell me.~Mun M

Shu: His little one always takes their afternoon nap on his chest. He likes to rub their tiny head until they both fall asleep. Once they’re a little toddler, he puts one of his earbuds next to their ear and plays lullabies.

Reiji: The curiosity his little one posseses may be dangerous, but he is very careful with them. He never leaves their side. Both of their favorite things to do is sit in his arm chair and read bedtime stories together.

Ayato: From the moment they can walk, he’s teaching his little one how to play basketball. When they get tired he carries them inside and shares a milkshake with them.

Kanato: Luckily, his little one loves dress up and tea parties. Unfortunately, they like dressing him up in princess outfits. He doesn’t argue, though. He enjoys sharing his tea with them.

Laito: He loves to sit his little one on his lap while he plays the piano. They love to hear his songs, and are eager to learn how to play just like him. He’s surprisingly patient, and will happily answer all of their questions.

Subaru: Believe it or not, his little one loves his coffin. Their favorite place to sleep is on top of his chest in the coffin. Their favorite game to play with him is hide and seek, though they always hid in his coffin, where their giggles echo.

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do you have any good recommendations for a plus size maid costume?

If by good recommendations you mean good quality, I don’t know because I’ve never owned one but I can link you to some from cosplay and kawaii stores. 

Custom sized aprons from SpreePicky (free shipping + 10% discount code: rinihime) - x // x

Custom sized dresses from SpreePicky (free shipping + discount code: rinihime) - x // x // x

Custom sized dresses from Cospicky (free shipping + discount code: rinihime) - x // x // x // x

You can also search around on etsy for plus size or custom sized maid outfits but here’s a few - x // x // x

Although I don’t see any right now, Torrid’s Halloween section is pretty lit and might have some maid outfits in the future. Same goes with Hot Topic’s plus size costume section.  (EDIT: I just found this dress that’s based off AHS’s Moira O’Hara the maid)

Places like Spirit Halloween or other Halloween stores typically also have a plus size section now so maybe go check those out if you’re searching for the more skimpy maid outfits. (EDIT: Halloween Store Maid Costumes - x // x // x // x // x )

EDIT: Bodyline has a few maid dresses that are plus size friendly but please read the measurements and compare them to yours, as their sizing names and measurements are inconsistent. 

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Which one out of all of you can make the cutest begging face?

Everyone equally has the cutest begging face (i can’t believe you had to make me choose wtf) but Shou has mastered the Perfect Begging Face™ .. I mean being the most mischievous out of all the dogs, you’d have to perfect the begging face to get away with things right?