kawae rina

[G+] Yokoyama Yui 2013.09.08 18:24
Thank you very much for the handshake event!

And then,
2020 Olympics and Paralympic Games
will be held in Tokyo,
so, I wore a uniform along with everyone

            I have a general post-apoc fc list, but this list goes mores specifically into dividing between Sky People/Mountain Men and Grounder face claims. This face claim list can help both The 100 indie roleplayers in a sense of where to look for aesthetic post as well as face claims for original characters for the 100. This list is aided by my previous list and the dear indies list as well. The  list bellow are seperated by category and each face claim is listed by Name ( Show/Movie where they’re claim could be used from ) [ Age ] just so you know. The list also includes actors and actresses in the 100. Just in case. Mostly because I’ve seen some very non gounder face claims being used for grounders and like…

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