kavon zamanian


Packed Putting

Last week we got some great weather, so a group of locals had a chillin day on some extra mellow local runs. Silliness and unorthodox filming techniques ensued. What usually goes down between skate trips.


New Bombsquad Longboards video featuring Jonathan Bobo, Ray Adams, and Kavon Zamanian shredding it up in Arkansas!


RedDirt Media 2013

2013 was a great year. Here are some of the highlights from this year’s skating.

Artist: The Expendables
Song: Ganja Smuggling

Thanks to my sponsors for keeping me set on gear!
Bombsquad Longboards
Buzzed Trucks
Anchor Wheel Co
New Olders Helmets
Magic Bearings
Aqua Shop Indoor Surfing
Team NoBull


Royale with Cheese

A lot of footage has collected in the past few months, so here it is. NoCoast homies ripping. Edit: Kavon Zamanian