"BOLD" - A Heroic Webshow

Five girls. One mask. A world falling apart at the seams.

Hey guys, I know I have posted about this before, but some really good friends of mine have been working really hard on this project for years and I’m really worried they might not reach their goal. This is a fantastic project and I so badly want to see it come to life. 

They have some super cool prizes. I can’t wait for my Bold t-shirt. 

Or, you could literally donate a dollar. If each of my followers donate one single dollar, $1, that’s like $200! 

Please consider it!

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You’re reading Hamlet? We read it last semester. Lol have fun. :] And yes. You want to watch Buffy. And I don’t know who Luke is, but good luck <3

Yes! We’re reading it in my Shakespeare class I’m taking right now and I. Don’t. Want. To. Read. It.

Luke is the boy who I was into and until Valentine’s Day, I thought we could be together at some point, but I’ve since realized that it’s just not going to work out between us because we’re looking for different things, and I need to tell him that. And I’m reaaaaaally not looking forward to it at all.


really casually leaves this shitty video about leakycon here….

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lol ok i am fascinated ‘cause i have never had alcohol

not even like a sip of wine or anything?

It seems so weird to me that people have never had any, in my family, we’ve been passing wine glasses around the table since I was like 8. My 12 year old cousin already knows that she’s a “wine person”. My mother came to my work on Wednesday and was like “this is cotton candy vodka, try it!”