@kavinia Thank you but I haven’t been entirely virtuous though lol, I marathoned Due South I’m almost done with all 4 seasons now (I’ll likely finish it this week probably as I have more time now, I was really busy last week). It wouldn’t be summer for me, if I didn’t do some binge watching tbh. I watched all of DS9 last summer- roughly 5 hours a day of it!

kavinia  asked:

6, 29, 36, 51 :)

Reason you joined tumblr?

idk idk it was so fucking long ago, it was when tumblr was like brand fuckin new almost and no one really used it yet, and blogger had been destroyed as a platform so all my friends and i basically just slid over to tumblr instead. that was in like…. jan 2011 or earlier maybe

Do you dance in the car?

i don’t drive and im rarely in cars

Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?

i didn’t ever really want jobs as a kid because idk im a disabled communist but anyway i wanted to study palaeontology which is what im doing

Caring OR non-restricting of you?

the fact that these are considered opposites is genuinely fucking frightening. if someones caring about u restricts what u can do thats…. thats really not ok and its abusive