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KAUF | When You’re Out

Via We Are Binary’s premier, the new track from LA's KAUF is equally as sexy as his first single Relocate, a song I haven’t been able to stop playing for anyone who’ll listen (seriously). He has the uncanny ability to create groovy, supremely-alluring music unfettered from anything that could make it another stale, electronic project. I wanna watch Knight Rider to this. I wanna have a dance party with Washed Out & friends to this. I wanna go back to the future and save the world to this.

Check out the previous track Relocate (d/l link below), follow him on twitter/soundcloud, and keep an eye on his website. This single should hit iTunes on April 28th, so be sure and support him!

KAUF | Relocate

Relocate by Kauf


unfortunately, I don’t have a scanner or my tablet at the moment, so this is all you get :c

Anyway, the story behind this is the zombie apocalypse has recently stuck Lima, Ohio. Kurt and Blaine have been trying to survive in any way they can. Unfortunately, Blaine doesn’t. Well…not exactly.

Blaine is bitten and by the Ordinance of 2012, Kurt is legally obligated to slay him. However, Kurt can’t bear to kill his one and only soul mate, so he locks him away. It’s not breaking the law if no one knows, right? With Blaine in Kurt’s basement, Kurt goes on living a semi-normal life; fighting zombies by day and keeping his Blaine company by night. Occasionally he finds a spare arm or leg outside and gives it to Blaine for a snack.