deeralice  asked:

Hello. I'm sorry to disturb you (especially with that kind of topic...). I've seen today that Heidi (Katzixx) passed away, I'm very shocked and sad about it. She was such an inspiration for all lolitas and such a beautiful person, she as always kind for the few times we talked through comments. I saw you reblogued her post, with a sweet R.I.P. caption. I convey my condolences to all her family and friends (since you're also living in Germany, you were friends, maybe ?). May she rest in peace.

Hello darling!

He were just pen pals for a few years and she sold me things. there are people who knew her better, but I will pass this one to them, ok?

I would love if people would remember her as the kind and caring angel she was to me! 

I can’t even speak about this much, I’m taking it very hard… I didn’t know her personally, but my heart still aches… I created my blog F Yeah Alt Lolita based off of her fearlessness to be who she wanted to be with her piercings/tattoos and still rock the frills. It’s hard to believe that I’ll never see her post again… She was an inspiration to many and I’ll miss her dearly.