Sarotti Katzenzungen



Here’s the first page of my short comic I’ll be doing. It’s not much, just a little motivational comic. Never done anything like it before so it’ll be interesting. I won’t upload any more pages until I’ve finished the whole thing tho. And don’t worry, Astron will update on Tuesday like normal OF COURSE. 

ベルギー王室御用達ショコラトリー、マダム ドリュック(Madame Delluc)のネコのシタチョコレート(langue de chat)。ショップは三越に入っていますがこのチョコは普段置いておらず、バレンタインの時期になるとイヴェント売り場の方にのみやってくるようです。昨年初めて見付けました、今年はあるかな?


From my newspaper comic, for tomorrow. But allow me to ramble about the topic of language. I love language, I think linguistics is an amazing field and study foreign languages with a passion. This quarter however, I took a class I thought would be super interesting: Language and Gender. The class involves talking about how gender-specific language was formed, as well as the implications of patterns of speech and how and why language differs between gender variants. This is interesting to me because I’m a  pretty feminine guy, so I thought I would have a lot to add to discussion and have a lot to learn about my own speech when it comes to my gender. Strangely enough though, the class has instead shown itself to be a discussion-less hour of the teacher lecturing us about how sexist we all are. She brings up good points about gender and gender identity, but when she does, she speaks about it so condescendingly, as though it’s something our small little brains could barely comprehend. What bothers me so much is that there are three guys in the class and she always uses us as an example of typical men, without ever bothering to ask us if we’re typical. She talks as though she expects us to not have ever thought about gender and gender roles, and asks questions only when she wants us to point out that something is sexist and leave practically no room for concession, and never talks about sexism against men or transgenders. Being in this class has become an increasing headache, but there’s no real reason to drop it either.

I guess what I’m wondering… is gender really such an unknown/un-discussed topic? Is her condescension founded? Am I wrong in thinking that the gender lines are starting to naturally blend together, and that femininity in men and masculinity in women are becoming less taboo? I know sometimes I can be a bit sheltered and think that everyone thinks the same way I do, do you think gender stereotypes and reinforced gender roles are a problem that isn’t talked about enough?