More.. Weirdness.. Part 2?

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I give you more, more, more!!! *insert Dr. Evil laugh here followed my Mini Me kicking you in the junk*. Yes, on a side note, I enjoy my fair share of Austin Powers. Toilet humour and sexual innuendos are comedy styles that will never go out of style. Instantly quotable and instantly recognizable. Speaking of such, I dare you all to go watch your favorite Austin Powers movie (Spy Who Shagged Me) and try not to laugh. This also reminds me of what I like to call the “Goldmember” night where I (unintentionally) finished a “beverage” every 10 minutes on the dot throughout the entire movie.

Anyways to the music. I loved the reception to the tracks yesterday so I decided to stick with the same theme but switch up genres a little bit. Tonight we tackle what is officially coined “electro house” as well as “indie dance / nu disco”. To rehash these are tracks you won’t find at your local club but more at that underground club in that dark back alley that you walk by all the time. You know how sometimes the hot girl falls in love with the unpopular geek. Well sometimes the a man who runs an electronic blog falls in love with underground beats. Analogy SUCCESS. Hopefully I can apply it to a few of you as well.

Katzenwaffe - Holy Water

I used to attend church regularly as a child (that’s catholic school for ya) and it was common practice to bless yourself with holy water as you entered and exited church. If the Holy Water then came with the same funky composition as Katzenwaffe’s rendition then I might of preached it a little more. This tune also possesses the all entrancing change-up breakdown which is becoming a not-so-secret obsession of mine. The second half of the song is utter brilliance.

ZZT - Vulkan Alarm!

Evil. How evil do you feel. It doesn’t dive into the deep and dark realms of bouncy bass but has a structure that reminds me of medieval times. It constantly maintains a scratchy sound that covers up what could possibly be other sounds wanting to break out and terrorize the world. Vulkan Alarm is that perfect cover up.. The ultimate villain waiting to expose the world to a place of chaos. Might of went a little overboard there but man, I love this track more and more each time.

autoKratz - Sucker Sirens

Here we go you say. Finally something reminiscent of a real electro banger. This is true. But it is simple and keeps the risers blasting. It is a two tier attack with the first drop fulfilling all needs of a bass blast to ear and then once you’ve seemingly had enough with that fill, it gets naked and puts on a new dress and blasts you in the ass some more. You get me high high. Also the siren part of the track name applies wholeheartedly here.

Felix Cartal - Fish

Now this track falls into the same ordeal as the Adonis track by Boys Noize. When it was released alongside Lazy Bird, I didn’t even bother with Fish. It had no business being on the EP. Then the open mind scampered to the table and presented itself to me and Fish took on a whole new dimension. Don’t let the first drop fool you.. There is much to be heard in the second half of the track. Even loved by my most casual electro listening friends, Fish works and dang na bit I’m glad I didn’t throw this one back in the lake.