Masterpost on why you should listen to Katzenjammer

  • Katzenjammer literally means “the wailing of a cat” in german
  • They are 4 women who between them play over 16 instruments 
  • The fifth unofficial member of the quartet is a bass balalaika which looks like the cheshire cat 

  • tl;dr = listen to them now and it will improve your life exponentially 
  • EVERYONE needs some pirate hookers from a disney movie gone terribly wrong 

‘Following a burglary Bernard buys a sophisticated alarm system which results in Manny getting locked inside the shop and Bernard stuck outside in the rain. Fran is no help as she took her phone off the hook to listen to the sexy man reading the shipping forecast.’  (x) - The Big Lock-Out

A compilation of Howell saying Fran, of course



[kat-suh n-jam-er] 

1. the discomfort and illness experienced as the aftereffects of excessive drinking; hangover.

2. uneasiness; anguish; distress.

3. uproar; clamor:
    His speech produced a public katzenjammer.

Katzenjammer is a borrowing from German, in which the obvious, literal sense of the word (“wailing of cats”) does not apply and instead has the meaning “hangover.” The word entered English in the mid-19th century. The additional senses of katzenjammer date from the late 19th century.

“When a reporter really loves the craft, takes it seriously as I did, his life goes by the extremes of exaltation and depression. … Life becomes a series of mental intoxications, for which one pays by mental katzenjammer.”
- The Bookman, “The Confessions of ‘a Literary Journalist”, Volume XXVI, December 1907

I made a playlist for Edward Hyde from The Glass Scientists! I complied a bunch of songs that were a much more upbeat and catchy kind of evil, instead of a dark and scary evil, to fit the character better (in my own opinion of course)


Roustabout-Beats Antique• Shadowman- Lee Press On and The Nails• Demon Kitty Rag- Katzenjammer• Jokes Jokes Jokes- Austin Wintory• You’ll Be Back- Jonathan Groff• Back In Town- Matt Dusk• My Evil Plan To Save The World- Five Iron Frenzy• Bad Bad Things- Andrew Jackson Jihad• Crazy=Genius- Panic! At The Disco• Fear and Delight-The Correspondents•

Cover art was done by @arythusa (also creator of the character, might I add)


(cover) cherry pie - katzenjammer 

i have never eaten a cherry pie in my life 

Victim Vixen: A playlist for BAS Elizabeth

Roses//The Chainsmokers  • Teen Idle//Marina & the Diamonds  • Hardest of Hearts//Florence + the Machine  •  Ruin//Marina & The Diamonds  •  Empty Gold//Halsey  •  You & I//Lady Gaga  •  Undisclosed Desires//Muse  •  Hold Me Down//Halsey  •  Hurricane Drunk//Florence + the Machine  •  Hey Ho On The Devils’ Back//Katzenjammer  •  Raise Hell//Dorothy

A Bar In Amsterdam
A Bar In Amsterdam

“…This evening´s too quiet oh we need a real riot
to shake and to break and to bite like a snake.
We´re stuck in this attic so bored and so static.
Tomorrow they´ll ask us to throw off our masks.

But the storm is a´coming ´cross the hills tonight
like a vein full of rain to the
hearts that should fight.
The storm is a´coming ´cross the hills tonight
like a vein full of rain to the
hearts that should fight.


- Katzenjammer//2008