katz x courage


     “Dog, make yourself useful and make me some tea.” Katz commanded smoothly, slowly flicking his tail behind him. Courage whimper and scurried along to make the tea. Katz watch him leave, a small sigh escape. ‘I wish he wasn’t so scared of me.’ Katz thought to himself. ‘But then again, I did do tons of horrible stuff to him and her family.’ Katz lets out another sigh as heard Quack and fox fight it out again. Katz sinks down in what use to be Eustace’s armchair. Now Katz left everything the same when be moved in, for Courage so he wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. And it was quite rude to change things in someone else home.

       “I’m gonna have me some frenchy stew, oh la la~” “Like I’ll let you lay one paw on my pristine feathers, you filthy fox!” Sounds of glass breaking and bone crunching flow it way into Katz’s ears. Causing him to twitch a bit. “They’ll figure it out by themselves.” “No need for me to butt in.” Katz mumble to himself, trying to relax in the chair. “OWW!” A loud yelp echo through the house and then silence. Katz would have stay put but it sounds like Courage who yelled. “I’m just gonna check on my tea that’s all.” Katz told himself as he make his way to the kitchen.

      In the kitchen, during the fight, Le Quack and The Cajun Fox was having a throwing contest. Grabbing another thing they could put a paw or wing on. “Take this you redfox impotence fool!” Quack throws a spaluta at Cajun. “Have some of this, Frenchy!” Cajun retorts with a bowl aims at the ruffled duck. Poor Courage slinks his way around this feud, silently getting all the necessary items for Katz’s tea. Just as he turns around, SMACK,  a wooden spoon hits him directly in the eye. Causing a loud yelp to emerge from his lungs. Quack and Fox quickly look at each other and him, both thinking the same thing. “Katz is gonna kill us.” Fast forward to Katz walking in the kitchen to find the two goons hovering over a pink dog. “Now now, with a little of honey, spices, garlic, oh and some basil, this will heal right quick.” “You idiot, we’re not cooking him” we’re trying to hide the bruise so Katz Don’t find out!”


My saturday night was about this drawing and music of Simple Plan, Daughtry, My Chemical Romance, Thirty Seconds to Mars and.. I dont remember. e.e

I should have a social life, seriously lol (nah)

Human!Katz and Human!Courage designer is C2ndy2c1d. (I love her designs (L) )

I know they look so pedo. D´:

Cajun Love

Summary: A certain Cajun drops by to make puppy stew, only to find that another villain has already moved in.  As unexpected as that was, it didn’t quite compare to the fact that Katz and Courage seem to have temporarily switched bodies.  (Cajun x Courage, Cajun x Katz… sort of)


The Cajun Fox peered out of his hiding place at the sound of the old farmhouse’s door creaking open.  The little pink dog stepped onto the porch, followed by a calico kitten.  Bringing up the rear was a certain scarlet-furred businessman.  

The Cajun had been waiting for this opportunity since he’d arrived earlier that morning.  He’d originally planned to just sneak in and take the pup, but was surprised to find that another villain had already staked his claim.  The pair had looked so cozy curled up on the queen-sized bed.  It had taken all of the fox’s willpower to resist the urge to join them.  Only the chilling fact that Katz would attempt to feed him his own heart kept the Cajun at a distance.  

Finding out about the multi-colored kitten had almost changed his mind, but very little could deter him from thoughts of puppy stew.  The cats would have to leave sometime, then the mutt would be vulnerable for the taking.  

The Cajun returned his attention to the pair on the porch.  The dog was glaring at the old pickup truck parked nearby, while the kitten double-checked his backpack.  A movement from the doorway caused Courage to spin around and focus his attention on the crimson feline behind him.  

The fox narrowed his eyes behind his sunglasses as he noticed the strange behavior Katz was exhibiting.  The ruthless businessman was fiddling nervously with the buttons of his white shirt, his golden eyes darting from the dog to the truck, then back to the dog, then to his own paws.   The Cajun could just barely overhear the conversation taking place, and what a delicious exchange it was. 

“There’s nothing else that can be done about this unfortunate turn of events.  I will drop Precious off at his playdate, and pick him up when I’ve settled the situation at the motel.  Until then, YOU will not leave the farm.”  The mutt rubbed his chin, and muttered, “I’d prefer if you stayed in the house entirely, but that is not likely to happen.”

Katz hunched over under the dog’s gaze.  “I promise not to leave the farm.” 

“Good.  I will return soon, dear boy, and we can figure out how to reverse this – predicament.  For now, focus on NOT ruining my reputation, Courage,” the dog stated firmly, receiving a rapid nod of assertion from the lithe feline.  

As the truck drove away, the Cajun couldn’t help chuckling in amusement at the sight of Katz, feared villain and businessman, waving pleasantly after the vehicle with a goofy smile on his normally stoic face.  Puppy stew could wait; this was too delicious not to take advantage of.  


Courage picked up Muriel’s special basket, and opened the back door.  All thoughts of egg harvesting fled his mind when he came nose to nose with a familiar cannibal.  

“Well, hello there, pussycat.”


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