Firstly, I now have postcards to send out with #papercut commissions/purchases :D They feature my untitled melty moon piece :)
Secondly, just finished a #Spiritedaway #atc all three will be for grabs at this weekends screening for Spirited Away at  #northparktheatre #buffalo #buffalove any that don’t sell will be updated and up for grabs (through private messages).

I’m glad I decided to do one more #PrincessKaguya piece of the #Northparktheatre showing of The Tale of Princess Kaguya. I have to say this one and the bigger one I did are my favorite pieces. I managed to get the PERFECT pink to finish her kimono from #wnybac (which is funny because the other pink is also from wnybac and has been sitting around waiting for half a year to be used). Remember, this piece and 2 more #atc #aceo and one 5 x 7 papercuts will be for sale during the weekend matinee premiere at North Park Theatre 1428 Hertel Ave, Buffalo, New York 14216