Tuxedo Mask (Kamen)
Status : SOLD
Tuxedo mask is made with bronze shimmer, wine red velvet, red textured, black hand dyed (from WNYBAC), black cardstock paper and matted on a gunmetal shimmer cardstock. Sits in a darker silver 5 x 7 frame made in the same style as the previous Scouts in this set.
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This is one of my favorite pieces, and of course one of my best (I think from my draw-a-day challenge). Yeah, yeah, you shoud’ve know it’d be one of my many BioShock Infinite or BioShockpictures  

Sometimes when I can’t draw because I’m sick or whatever reason, and I doubt myself I like to look back on my own work and pick through the ones I hate and find the few I appreciate. Yeah I know, “Don’t get a big head!” but if you can’t find time to appreciate or enjoy your own work, whose to say anyone else will?

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