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hi i love your blog and you reblog a lot of trixya fics can u please recomend me some? maybe WIPs?

There’s already some solid lists out there but of course I will :) If you need more, just pop in my asks again :) 

1. Domestic Dame, Shaken or Stirred by @mamazamo

2. Hi, I’m The Emotionally Repressed Girl ‘Who Ran From Her Latent Homosexual Feelings for Ten Years, Trixie Mattel! by @wewouldbeheroes and @thepinkonesoterrify

3. Twist of Fate by @katyahzamo

4. but with a whimper by @ourforgottenboleros

5. Banana Bread by gayswampwitch (I can’t tag the writer but the hyperlink leads to their tumblr)

6. No Witnesses by SayYouDon’tKnow

7. The Cost of Living by Cherry (orchidlights)

8. This woman’s work by @sunaquariusmoonaries

9. Wish I’d Known You Then by @mattepinkallshades

10. the contest by @pinktrixies

11. Loving’s in the Patience by katyapetrovnas

12. Welcome to Club Katya by @iqkittygirl

13. Friendly Fires by virgnsacrifice

14. Come As You Are by @trixiesgum

15. sau·da·de by @chantiemaya and @lulufeca

P.S: I am certain that most of the writer’s whose tumblrs I didn’t tag actually do have tumblrs. Please let me know so I can tag them for anyone who wants to give them a follow (also, because I want to follow them lol)

PPS: If I tagged the wrong account I am so sorry lol Please correct me! This is in no particular order. I love all these <3 

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