Comedy Feeds 2014

Josh: Sitcom based on the stand up of Josh Widdicombe.

Fried: A new manager tries to motivate the staff of a fried chicken shop.

Parents Evening: Multi-character comedy set over the course of a school parents’ evening.

Flat TV: Two guys share a flat where real life gets confused with a fantasy TV world.

Vodka Diaries: Four girls share a flat and get up to no good.

In Deep: Two police officers plunge out of their depth when an undercover operation goes wrong.

Rude Boys: The antics of a group of friends in East London.

Other World: Surreal sketch show set in an alternative universe populated by puppets.

Access All Areas: YouTube star Jenny Bede plays a range of characters in a razor-sharp parody of music TV.

Where Have I Been All Your Life?

A 2007 short film written by George Kay, My Mad Fat Diary’s new scriptwriter, and directed by Jim Field Smith. Stars James Corden, Katy Wix and Imelda Staunton.

“A young man’s innocent quest to track down his biological father unlocks a series of revelations and recriminations that escalate from the emotional, via the darkly comic to the plain farcical.”